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Last Chance

Canvas, world premiere of play by SMC’s own G. Bruce Smith, through September 16, 8pm Thursday-Saturday/2pm Sunday, $20, Electric Lodge, 1416 Electric Ave., Venice, tickets 323.860.6625.

Ecospective, the 100% Dolphin-Free Earth Friendly Shrink Your Carbon Footprint Color Me Green Energy Efficient Sustainable Art Show, through September 15, Lois Lambert Gallery, Bergamot Station, 310.829.6990.

House Work, art by Susan Arena, through September 14, Indie Collective Gallery for Art and Fashion, 6039a Washington Blvd., CC, 310.837.7714.

Nature (Interrupted), group exhibition of contemporary artists, through September 14, 18th Street Arts Center, 1639 18th St., 310.453.3711.

Republic of China (Without People!), painting installation by Ming Hsu, through September 14, 18th Street Arts Center, 1639 18th St., 310.453.3711.

Summer Fantasy II, juried art show of student work, through September 14, Emeritus College, 1227 2nd St., 310.434.4306.

Zoopsia: New Works by Tim Hawkinson, through September 16, Getty Center, 1200 Getty Center Dr., LA, 310.440.7300.


Brushstrokes in Light, photographs by Ram Bilgrai, through September 29, La Foto Gallery, 806 Pico Blvd., 310.664.1563.

Rick Chinelli, photography, through September 30, Blue Seven Gallery, 3129 Pico Blvd., 310.449.1444.

Woods Davy: Cantamar (sculpture) and Richard Ehrlich, Vancouver Island (photographs), through October 13, Craig Krull Gallery, Bergamot Station, 310.828.6410.

Existing Caves, art by Rachel Kohn, through September 22, Tarryn Teresa Gallery, Bergamot Station, 310.453.4752.

Lauren S. Henry, With A Brush of Love, through October 7, James Gray Gallery, Bergamot Station, 310.315.9502.

Robert Hudson: Sculpture, through October 13, Frank Lloyd Gallery, Bergamot Station, 310.264.3866.

Hybrids, art by Ebony G. Patterson, through October 13, Seeline Gallery, 1812 Berkeley St., 310.829.2727.

Veronica Kellndorfer, Lichtspiel, through October 13, Christopher Grimes Gallery, 916 Colorado Ave., 310.587.3373.

Kim MacConnel, through October 6, Rosamund Felsen Gallery, Bergamot Station, 310.828.8488.

Christoph Schmidberger, Divide et Impera, paintings, through September 29, Patrick Painter Inc., Bergamot Station, 310.264.5988.

Lee Webster Shaw, through October 6, Schomburg Gallery, Bergamot Station, schomburg.com.

Somewhere in LA, photo exhibit by SMC students, held indefinitely, A&I Photographic and Digital Services, 1550 17th St., 310.264.2622.

Brad Spence, Art Therapy, through October 27, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Bergamot Station, 310.453.1595.

Klaus Wanker, through September 29, Mark Moore Gallery, Bergamot Station, 310.453.3031.

Suzan Woodruff: What Water Dreams, through October 16, William Turner Gallery, Bergamot Station, 310.453.0909.

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