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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Unearthing treasure will bring you back something you lost. You won’t get a reprieve until all of the lessons have been learned and then some. You will just be ready to say you’ve had just about enough and then good stuff will happen.


Keep holding on to what you know is true even when others try to tell you what to think. You should always go with your intuition, although many people will try to have you work against it. Trust yourself first, always.


You will butt heads with the one who is like you, not the one you most get along with. Work toward repairing your own self image and your conflict with this little person will also magically heal itself.


You make one big mistake and you feel like you are having to pay for it forever. You wonder sometimes how much dirt you’re going to have to eat before all is said and done. The answer is none. No one can make you.


You can only hold on for so long before your grip becomes tired. Don’t worry so much about losing everything – you are going to be a big winner. You’re getting mixed messages that have you slightly confused. Press the issue.


One of the toughest things to do is forgive and forget. When someone has done you wrong you want to see them pay. But it only drills a hole in your soul and wastes your time on earth. Forgive and forget.


You do your part to mend a temporary crisis. You are the best mediator and the one with the biggest heart. You learn to fix what’s broken. You will need some tender loving care when it is all over.


Luck is with you as you begin to take risks that you can actually afford to make. Don’t get wrapped up in what others are doing. Keep your eye on your own horizon line. It’s time again to experiment with the new, something you don’t recognize.


Beauty is around every corner if your eyes are focused enough to see it. You can choose to look away and fill your head with depressing thoughts or you can see the better things being handed to you daily. It’s a choice at this point.


You are happy to help others out because, after all, isn’t that what it’s all about? To an extent, yes. Sometimes the more you help out the harder you make it for others to stand alone and do for themselves. So think it through and figure out if you’re being helpful or not.


Laying down roots proves important suddenly as you begin to call the long shots. It’s great sometimes to be a skipping stone but it’s even greater to be a tree that lives long and strong. You can provide everything when you’re a tree.

PISCESFear becomes the best motivator while you’re working out these crucial next steps. You want so badly to let go but are afraid of what’s waiting for you when you do. You’ve never been good at free-falling. Close one door and another will open.

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