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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


In trying to understand today, you find yourself looking to the past. It’s easy to forgive the troubles of those times when they’re not staring right back at you. I’m sure if you really dug deep you’d see that with age has come wisdom and you wouldn’t trade it for anything.


We are part of something greater than own individual trajectories. You must feel it by now, that there’s a higher calling requiring your attention. You feel a good amount of frustration but you have been given a set of exceptional tools that will always land you on your feet.


So many changes happening so fast. Your emotions run high and very low this week as you take inventory of your friends and enemies. There is magic in your daily life happening all around you. Open your heart just a little.


You discover something unusual about yourself that you never knew before. You also are introduced to someone who will change your life forever. You might not even realize it at first but it’s the works. You will also have to fight against losing things at random.


You are allowing yourself to be of great help to those in dire need. When you are doing better you feel more charitable. When things are tight you recognize the part of you that wants to hold on to what you have.


We are punished these days by having too much of a good thing. With so much wealth around us, so much abundance yet so much suffering, how do we reconcile our own harmony against it all? Life doesn’t have to make that kind of sense.


You are fine most of the time. You have moved on and you have grown and your life has changed and evolved yet every once in a while it hits you like a dagger in the heart and you are stuck remembering what was, what could have been, what will never be. It will heal over.


It’s time for a creative burst followed by practical steps to make it happen. You had an epiphany today and hopefully you won’t just bury it somewhere in the disbeliever folder. Hopefully you will rise to the challenge and open that door.


There are so many other options available to you yet you continue to feel trapped into doing one thing. You are sometimes afraid to roll the dice unless you know you’re going to win. But rolling the dice is just that: chance. Trust yourself and take a chance.


You’ve been given an ultimatum that is not going to sit well with you. But you are also in the midst of a minor life change and that is going to be taking up much of your attention. Touch and be touched; it’s essential to your daily experience.


In a very odd twist of events happening lately you reverse places with someone whom you’ve loathed for many years. Often when we walk in someone else’s shows we become more compassionate and caring and less combative.


It’s a miracle you can keep the engine running even when it seems like it is going to break down at any minute. You have too much to do all by yourself. You need to learn the fine art of asking for help. No one can do it alone.

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