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It’s A Dog’s Life – But What A Life!:

We’ve all heard the expression, “Well, if that ain’t the cat’s meow.”  Well, with the recent grand opening of the gourmet Three Dog Bakery, it could very easily be changed to “Well, if that isn’t the dog’s bow-wow.”

Pooches showed up by the dozens escorting their owners into the cheerful, spotless store near the Third Street Promenade to sample some of the fresh-baked treats, all of which use USDA-inspected natural earth ingredients and contain no added gluten, salt, refined sugar, chemicals or artificial preservatives. 

What man’s best friend wouldn’t be thrilled with a freshly-baked peanut butter biscuit dog bone with his name written in carob or a tempting PupCake, a wheat-free flour cake topped with frosting made of honey, yogurt and buttermilk.  With the goodies ranging in price from $1.50 to $3.50, there are the Pet-it-Fours, which are cakes dipped in melted carob or vanilla and piped with melted carob.  And, for those very special doggy occasions such as a birthday party or wedding, there’s the luscious Celebration Cake for $15 that will feed six of your dog’s invited guests.  Oh yes.  Party clothes and jeweled collars are also available.

Part of a national franchise that has 50 Three Dog Bakery locations through North America and Japan, the young entrepreneurs who own the Santa Monica store, along with Robert and Annette Floyd of San Diego, are Rocky and Hannah Keever who rely heavily on their Maltese George as their official taster.  His favorite so far is Scottie Biscotti. 

Co-owner Annette Floyd, a former mid-wife who facilitated Rocky’s birth and provided the delicious homemade “people food,” said, “Three Dog Bakery is a concept whose time has come – especially in light of the recent dog food recalls.”  Woof.  Woof.

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