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Letters to the Editor:

Dear Mr. Warriner:

I understand that the Santa Monica City Council is in the process of deciding whether or not to remove 75 trees in the downtown district. Please act now to save these beautiful trees. This action cannot be undone. These trees are among the most beautiful and unique things about Santa Monica – and without those mature trees our downtown will just be more cement and glass – and look like every other urban place with little respect or overt reverence to nature.

Please act now to save the trees!

Thank you for your consideration.

Betsy Rowbottom

Santa Monica

* * * *

As if it wasn’t bad enough, the denizens of Santa Monica have to deal with and work through this. Some of us make conscious decisions to ride bicycles every morning to contribute to the world in small ways. Now, they are trying to adulterate the land by making it even more sterile and dull. This will not stand. Will there come a day where all of nature will be obliterated? We don’t need to move these trees. Whatever the motive might be, if we pull these trees out from the root we will be somehow lessening ourselves because of it. It isn’t necessary.

Thank You,

Eddie Ramirez

Santa Monica

* * * *

I have just received a Letter and Registration Form from the City Planning Division for “Modified and Extended Regulations Concerning Fence, Wall, and Hedge Standards.” Enclosed with the mailing is a “Non-Conforming Fence, Wall, or Hedge Registration Form.” This is from Santa Monica, the self-proclaimed non-conformist liberal bastion, a place which artists and free thinkers love to call home, haven for the leftist Westsiders. The place that sends out Kafka-esque forms for registering “Non-Conforming Fences, Walls, or Hedges.” What’s next, a Form for Non-Conforming Hair, Non-Conforming Food Choices, Non-Conforming Carpet, Non-Conforming Jacket Lapels, Non-Conforming Place-Settings, Non-Conforming Dogs, Non-Conforming House Color, Non-Conforming Outdoor Plants – and finally – Non-Conforming Thoughts?

Life is so short and to have to actually respond to such nonsense is an utter waste of time. And think about how much of our tax money is being spent on the bureaucracy, personnel, and enforcement of Fence, Wall, and Hedge hunting. Great job security – and all the city benefits, too! Imagine the James Bond-like Fence, Wall, and Hedge detectives – romantic, handsome men out on the case, sweeping housewives off their feet (behind the offending Fences, Walls, and Hedges).

As Santa Monica becomes more idiotic, I realize once again, the weather here is just great.

Peter Davison

Santa Monica

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