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Star Gazing:


If you’re feeling blue there could be something dietary that is causing your downward spiral. Don’t discount something tainted you might have eaten or something disagreeable to cause your moods to change. Time to revamp the look, the diet, the interior design.


Sometimes life spins so fast you feel like you are either on the carousel trying to get off or standing outside of it, trying to get on. Either way, you will be of two minds and in two worlds this week. First it all needs to slow way down and then it doesn’t seam so insurmountable.


You are in a position you never thought you’d be in. You landed yourself in a heap of trouble by ignoring common sense. This is never a good plan. You need to be the kind of person who asks for help when you need it, instead of someone who never does.


You realized something much too late and now you’re scratching your head wondering how things could have gone so wrong on your watch. You know what? Stuff happens. There is nothing more to say than that. It’s beyond your control. Don’t internalize it.


You can’t be everyone’s rescuer. You must not let yourself give away parts you can’t afford to lose. Nothing is for free anymore and that includes your time. You work hard for what you have and thus, it should never be exploited by anyone else.


You can’t convince anyone that you’re right by expecting others to rush to your defense. You must fight this battle alone. On the other hand, you are appreciative when someone does step up to the plate and help you out. But it is a gift and they come rarely.


In the beginning there was fire and heartache. That gave way to friendship and eventually conflict and then boredom. Now that there is a chance for the fire to return you must not sacrifice everything for it. The cycle will repeat itself.


It all came too late. You now must re-order your priorities to attempt to patch the hole in the raft. You know you can’t depend on the kindness of strangers forever. It is almost time to shove off and be adrift as you search for your safe harbor.


The stress outside becomes stress inside and your body cannot withstand it. It hurts when you lose connection with what is keeping you alive. If you’re having trouble breathing you know that what you need is to get some relaxation help.


You are driven to distraction by someone in a position of power who isn’t playing fair. Of course, they never do play fair, not ever. If you’re used to doing things your own way and are expected to then bend to the rules later it will case chafing burns.


A long goodbye. A healthy embrace. A handshake. A kiss. A tear. A suitcase. A drop of water in a dry desert. A burst of cool wind. A new beginning. A new life. An old way of thinking. A door suddenly opened.


You are the only person you know who can turn a life into one long emergency. When will it end? You have to wonder, how can life be so hard for you and so seemingly easy for others? Life isn’t easy for anyone. There is always struggle and heartache. But strive for some routine amid the chaos.

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