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A Message from the Red Cross:

Volunteers and staff alike from the Santa Monica Red Cross responded to the call for disaster workers at locations in and around the Malibu (Canyon) fire as well as at other regional brush fires currently burning. More volunteers are needed to work throughout the region.

Volunteers needed through Southern California

The American Red Cross needs volunteers to work at fire areas in numerous Southern California locations — Los Angeles, San Bernardino, and San Diego Counties – as well as to help support local Red Cross chapters in a variety of functions. If you’ve had no formal American Red Cross disaster training, two 3-hour classes are required to volunteer in a disaster operation. They are Mass Care and Shelter Operations. Classes will be held Saturday, October 27, Tuesday, October 30, and Thursday, November 1, at the Santa Monica chapter at 1450 11th Street in Santa Monica.

Persons interested in taking these classes and qualifying to work at the Southern California fires and other disasters can call the chapter for the class schedules, times, registration, and other information.

Persons who have taken these classes previously, such as after Hurricane Katrina, are still eligible for “disaster duty.” Those wishing to go out to a brush fire location and volunteer should call the Santa Monica chapter. Ask to sign up for disaster duty.

Bill Bauer, Director of Communications of the American Red Cross of Santa Monica, says, “It’s important to have persons in Santa Monica who are trained to work in disasters in the community. By taking the two basic Red Cross disaster preparedness classes and getting on-the-scene experience, even if it’s a brush fire in Malibu or a flood in Missouri, you’ll be better prepared to help your family and your neighbors when a disaster strikes locally.”

Those wishing to make financial donations or just “help out” can call the Santa Monica Red Cross for information during weekday business hours as well as on Saturday.

Santa Monica Red Cross volunteers already active in fire disaster

Spurred by high winds and extremely dry conditions, multiple wildfires are still burning throughout Southern California. While all counties from Santa Barbara to San Diego are affected, the principal danger spots at the moment are still in Los Angeles and San Diego Counties.

In Los Angeles County, the Greater Los Angeles chapter of the American Red Cross responded to several fires. As the lead chapter, The American Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles supported shelters for fire victims and canteen service for firefighters and public safety people in Malibu and numerous other locations. The Santa Monica chapter is assisting the Greater Los Angeles Red Cross along with the Glendale, San Gabriel/Pomona Valley, Arcadia, Greater Long Beach, and Ventura chapters.

Volunteers from Santa Monica who worked the brush fires in Malibu include Cory Russell, Kate Mottola, Karen Donoho, Mike Mandini, P.J. Palmer, and Pete Picanso, who were all assigned to the now closed canteen service for firefighters based in the Malibu Civic Center.

For more information, call 310.394.3773 or go to redcrossofsantamonica.org.

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