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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


You’ll meet up with someone who gives you a thrill. Once you establish contact, give a call to say hello once in a while. You have trained yourself not to “be a bother” but at this rate, you’ll never bother another soul as long as you live. Break out of the isolating shell. Share words and bread.


What has been the status quo is about to change radically. You will be a center point and others will follow your lead. It’s okay to feel like you don’t know where you’re going. The point is to keep moving in the direction you think you should go. Chances are, you’ll be right.


You will have to call upon someone you don’t normally deal with to help ease the stress of the current cluster of work, family, and relationships. You’ll be glad for the help even if it causes you waves of self-doubt. You are too proud sometimes. Take a holiday from it.


You couldn’t be happier and more positive than you are. And especially so looking back at the gloomy past. It’s a time for surrounding yourself with love. Romantic love will swirl around you and parental love will feel satisfying. It’s a time for joy but not a time for giant risk taking.


You have set goals for yourself that you’ve actually managed to follow through on. You are managing to just tread water, however, and can’t see yourself swimming that difficult last lap just yet. You have made some great choices in the past by trusting the right people. Don’t lose that gift now when you need it most.


In a funny twist of fate, you’ve switched places with someone you casually and quietly looked down upon. Now that you’re walking in those shoes, your compassion-meter has just spiked. There is so much we don’t understand until we’re in the thick of it. Time and hard work will take you out of it.


How surprised you are to have completely lost touch with some people you’ve known so well for so many years. But you know you can’t find those who don’t want to be found and you can’t talk to those who wish to remain silent. Friendships like that lasts a lifetime no matter what.


Someone who is suddenly attractive to you could have those same feelings back. You wear an alluring energy this week. Physical attraction feels like a fast car and a full tank of gas. Keep your foot off of the pedal. A short fling might be what’s needed but it also might be too risky, ultimately.


Everybody has an agenda. Even the nicest and coolest of your friends usually has a something they want out of the relationship. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When you know what’s expected of you, you know where to set limits. And you don’t have to feel guilty when you want to say no.


It’s too easy to forget that life requires active participation. It is not acceptable to disappear into a void and forget reality. The truth is a tough nut to swallow but it will also set you free from denial. If you want to live in a dreamworld you will never discover what true happiness is.


It is time to upgrade. Think about the big changes you want to make and then dive right in. It will be confusing at first but eventually the clouds will part and you’ll see enough to keep you motivated to continue with the change. The best accomplishments are those that require the most of us.


You can’t always get what you want. You’ve gotten good at receiving rejection and criticism, better than you used to be. It’s good practice for when you decide to take over the world. Your story has not yet been written. Don’t wait for others to write it for you.

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