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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Tread softly over a touchy subject. You will be tempted to dive right in and uncover the truth. But that is not a wise course of action. Stop, breathe, think, regroup. You could do serious damage otherwise.


You are busier than ever before and to a degree it keeps your mind off of things. In many ways you are now required to be more alone than ever before. You get a sudden and unexpected gift.


When someone says jump you say, are you kidding me? No one bosses you around and no one is allowed to threaten you to do anything you don’t want to do. You are a happy person if accepted on your own terms.


You are in sink or swim mode right now and it’s looking a lot less like sink and a lot more like swim. You are not a giver-upper. You also feel the need to slow way down. Listen to your body’s signals.


You are grateful for what your friends have done for you but you are also wondering when you get the next big payback. Things have been good for you but they’re about to get better. Hold on to what you have.


You make a shot and it misses. You can’t be trusted to go all the way with such a valuable piece of information – that’s what they think, anyway. The truth is that you aren’t so sure you can trust them. Only you can know what is in your own best interest.


You have been shopping around for a new something. You think that by making a big change it will somehow make a big change inside. The truth is it doesn’t. You can be distracted for a while but the real substantial change must come from somewhere else.


With so much career pressure right now you are wondering if you have not overloaded yourself. On the other hand, temptations from an exotic other draw you in. Signs look good for success. Just keep your cool and all will be well.


Your tension and anger is building over a certain annoying issue and you feel like you have no outlet for it. If there is no outlet it has nowhere to go but right back inside you. You must find a different way to let it out so that you don’t implode.


You are still taking on more than you should which is causing a lot of stress and confusion in your life. You must find a balance where it is not a state of chaos 24/7. Balance in diet, pleasure, fun, and work. Distance yourself from that which saps you dry.


You haven’t ever gotten over that one specific burn. When you are burned by a lover you can somehow justify it; when you are burned by a dear friend you are scarred for life. Forgiveness is the best way to get rid of the resentment.


Pay attention to the subtle and dramatic signals your body is sending you. You may have tasks and errands that have to be done, you may be burning the candle at both ends but your body needs time to catch up. Pamper your limbs and muscles. Cleanse your insides.

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