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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


You surprised yourself the other day by what you were able to accomplish. You are talented and admirable in so many ways to those who look up to you and follow your lead. Contribution to humanity is one of the big ones. So, congratulations.


You are tired of fighting a system that hasn’t caught up with what you’re going through. And you don’t know how much fight you have left in you. In truth, you have a lot of fight. More than anyone ever knew.


You feel like you are being forced to carry the burden of another. It isn’t your fault you have this person for a role model and yet, in some strange way, you feel beholden to them. Creativity is your strength right now. Let your mind release.


Just remember that as empty as things are for a certain someone, you can’t always be there to prop them up and make it “okay.” They have to fend for themselves. You can’t imagine how tricky it is to be a one and only and want to be free. You can be both.


You are grateful and appreciative of the advice and generosity your friends have bestowed upon you in times of crisis. Don’t beat yourself up for that which is someone else’s fault. We try not to judge but sometimes, you know, you just have to.


You spend a lot of time hearing your inner negative voice. Isn’t it about time you started a different refrain? This is the moment you’re going to realize that so much of this nonsense doesn’t matter. It never did matter.


Don’t fret things that are out of your control. Learn to be non-reactive to spare your body the damage stress causes. The events will unfold anyway. What is the point of getting all worked up when you can’t change anything by worrying. Yoga face, relaxed mind, come what may.


It’s a good day for you to make a major change in your life. Don’t be scared off by threats or insults. Go for what you want. The negative stuff, like scabs, eventually falls away leaving newness behind.


You have said no so many times it’s time to say yes. Say yes to whomever asks you something you desperately want but are held back due to fear. Say yes when you aren’t sure what the outcome will be; you can handle anything.


You must figure out the best way to move forward because clearly the problem isn’t going away. There is a big mountain in your way. You can go around it or climb right over it or turn back around. Plod up the hill; it’s your best bet.


You can’t judge a book by its cover. When you are without any clues to the solve the mystery you risk overstepping the bounds of what another can take. In other words, coax the exotic creature from afar with treats rather than action.


You can’t trust people to do for you what they would rather do for themselves. In other words, everybody is looking out for Number 1 and that means you have to put your own interests first, even if it means donning a game face. It’s fight or flight time.

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