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Letters to the Editor:

I was reading about the rebuilding of the California Incline and all the side effects.

I would like to offer an alternate plan, even though the reconstruction seems to be set in stone. Maybe an alternate plan can still be considered…here goes.

Build a new incline down to the Pacific Coast. Call it the Wilshire Incline. This will accomplish three things:

First, the California Incline can remain open and the traffic problems will be a lot less affected;

Second, The Wilshire Incline will be a proper extension of Wilshire Boulevard from downtown LA to the Pacific Coast;

Third, this will eventually decrease traffic thru the areas NORTH of Wilshire Boulevard

I realize this discussion about the California Incline has gone on for a long time; but I believe this alternate plan is workable and must be considered even if this delays the construction.

Thank you in advance for your consideration of this concept of a Wilshire Incline.


Mr. Potik

Santa Monica

I wholeheartedly agree with Tia Skulski’s recent opinion article calling for public financing of campaigns. In Arizona, where public financing has ruled elections for few cycles, we’ve seen that more women have run – and won. More people of color have run – and won. More people of modest means have run – and won. Most importantly, more voters have turned out to vote because they have more faith in a system where candidates spend more time talking with voters than with donors.

As someone who recently ran for political office – and raised $300,000, 60 percent of which came from people who contributed $100 or less -– I can attest to the relentless pressure of fundraising. It’s human nature to spend more time with the people who are financially supporting your campaign, and any candidate who denies there’s an undue influence is either hoodwinking the public – or hoodwinking themselves.

Kelly Hayes-Raitt

Santa Monica

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