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Crossroads Wins Flag Football Title:

Santa Monica High, Venice High, and Brentwood School entered the football playoffs trying to earn a championship. Meanwhile, a title has already been won by a Westside school this season.

You see, Crossroads recently won the championship of a new, four-team flag football league contested on Friday nights.

Crossroads contacted numerous schools who don’t field tackle football teams about playing flag football, a game that is played by many middle schools. Several said they were interested for future years and four played this time.

Crossroads and Milken tied for first place in the regular season. New Roads finished third and New Community, a school in the San Fernando Valley, was fourth.

In the playoffs, Crossroads eliminated New Community, Milken defeated New Roads, and Crossroads won the championship game from Milken in the last 35 seconds.

“The Friday nights were like a festival,” said Crossroads Athletic Director Chuck Ice. “We had crowds of 200 at our campus soccer field.”

No individual honors were awarded.

“It’s quite a game,” said Ice. “There are seven on a side and everyone is eligible to catch a pass. Running up the middle is prohibited and a play ends when a defender grabs a flag from the player with the ball.”

It is anticipated that the league will be larger next season.

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