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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Seek and ye shall find. Your difficulties are almost behind you. Give a little, get a lot back. You will start to notice the attentions of an admirer. Make peace with an old enemy. Time passes slowly when it comes to advancing your own personal cause.


You’re grateful that a business venture didn’t lure you into participation now that the bad reviews are coming in. Sometimes saying no turns out to be a blessing. You can do something that is closer to your heart.


Your dreams aren’t as impossible as they seem. If you try to take on too much at once you will be overwhelmed and eventually throw in the towel. Take a little bit at a time and you feel secure and balanced.


You are still harboring resentment and anger and aren’t really sure what to do with it. Life is becoming less sure, more complicated, and it will become necessary to simplify greatly. Lose the losers. Act in your own interest for a change.


You are feeling the younger ones beating you at your game. You aren’t sure if you do favors for people whether or not they will betray you in the end or if they will be smart enough to keep up their end of the bargain. People are out for themselves. Know this.


You figure that a promise is a promise. The trouble is, sometimes you feel like being a stickler and other times you immediately cave. You can’t have it both ways; unfortunately, sometimes, you have to be the bad guy or girl. Learn to live without the constant praise.


You can teach yourself a great way to shut that inner voice that always seems to pop up when you least expect it, ruining your day. Here’s a thought: try being kind to it as you would your own child or dog. Feel sorry for it even. You can make it calmer and quieter instantly.


You have discovered that not everyone plays by the rules. Maybe you’re not cut out for the game. You can play fairly and do your best as long as you have faith that you’re not falling behind; that your talent and insight will always be there.


You graciously accept gifts or loans from someone you are very close to but it’s causing a ripple in your bond lately because you are leaning too much on others to survive. You must make your way both emotionally and financially.


Having someone to confide in is a great idea as long as there is solid trust. You are going to be having issues with your inner circle and looking around for new people. You are dealing with complicated issues right now and need good people around you.


It’s becoming harder to figure out where you want to put your energies. There are easier ways to make your decision than brooding and fretting on it. Try making a phone call and asking that one person you know would help.

PISCESYou are discovering that you are a fighter. There isn’t anything in you that wants to let other people walk all over you. You have become twice the person you were even a year ago. Think of where you’ll be by next year.

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