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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


This is a week of uncovering secrets and revealing hidden desires. What can go wrong probably will go wrong so make preparations for this in advance. Don’t let slide phone calls you need to make or arrangements that require attention.


Every once in a while you get a burst of genius and it takes you aback. Once your idea is in place, take the concrete steps to actually make it happen. It will never feel real but will become reality if you don’t make it a big deal.


Taking a walk on the wild side lands you in deep water. All the same, your adventure could turn into an obsession. Learn when to walk away and refocus your attention on other things. Your mind and body will pay the price otherwise.


How soon people forget the great things we do for them. Sadness is everywhere. Fear is getting a cameo. You can only do one thing at once so don’t overload yourself. Be clever and plan ahead for upcoming festivities.


There is no way to take the place of a soul buddy. You aren’t in any way going to recover that easily from loss but you can learn how to live with the pain. Keep going anyway, no matter how much it hurts your heart.


You can’t always get what you want. You can’t fix everything for everybody and you need your own safety net. Your life has meaning regardless of how you make a living. You must stay deeply connected with meaningful people.


There aren’t too many ways to avoid the pain of what’s coming next. But you can sidestep the really sharp part by initiating conversations that get to the truth. Welcome it in without trying to avoid it.


Only the good suffer when life plays back unfairly. You have a minor fight that leaves you in a grumpy mood. No one ever said life would be easy and when you think about it, being easy really isn’t the point. Notice the not-so-obvious.


You get a wonderful surprise from totally out of nowhere. You’ll find that when you start to say yes to things you will get more opportunities. You haven’t yet cemented your place but you’re almost there.


Being right is a safety mechanism because no one is ever totally right all of the time. There are varying shades of the truth that we must get at. We mustn’t ever think we have to shut people up because they threaten our idea of what’s right. Let truth speak to you.


You are absent to a certain dear one. You might get back the someone you lost but more than likely you’re going to have to get used to being without. Don’t force the healing. Indulge the hurt and then move on.

PISCESYou get to the point where you don’t think you can take one more second. And then guess what? You take one more second. You think you can’t handle things but you’re proving, little by little, that you surpass even your own expectations about what you can really do.

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