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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


You are going to be surprised by the amount of beauty and kindness in the world. It is too easy to fall into the trap of hating everything and everyone and assuming they hate you back. If you look at people with full acceptance and love, no matter what, you will encounter endless amounts of inner peace.


You are frustrated with the way things are yet you can’t quite get motivated to make the necessary changes. When we bog down with “why bother” we bog down for good. On the other hand, you are making great strides in the health and wellness arena! Baby steps!


It’s starting to dawn on you that in life we aren’t always treated as fairly as we’d like. When you see an injustice you immediately want to right the wrong, which can lead to having conflicts arise with co-workers. Set limits for yourself to only intervene when things are serious.


Don’t take too long on one task so that you don’t have time left for the things that give you so much fulfillment. You are having to deal with undesirable things in life right now but it won’t be forever. You invest yourself because it is a good thing for others but also, it will pay off in the end.


Your heart has been broken and you never got what you really wanted out of life (not so far anyway). But now that the thing you’ve always wanted is gone, you can change your life so that better people come your way. Don’t give up yet.


You have to ask yourself, what are you waiting for? You wonder about the timing and whether it’s right or not. Guess what? It is never right. You just have to plunk down and take it one step at a time. But you’ll never feel completely ready.


Don’t let your innocence and ignorance keep you from knowing things you should know and doing things you should do, especially where your health is concerned. Do the tasks, no matter how mundane they may seem. A stranger gives you a gift from out of the blue.


Fear is a great and powerful force over us. It can make us shy, unambitious, alienated from love, and stuck in the same rut at the workplace. How do we get over fear? We never do. We must carry it with us through every situation. Acknowledge it and live with it and move on. What are you waiting for?


You feel frustration with the people who seem to be getting ahead while you are jogging in place. You will always feel that way if you compare yourself to others. See your own trajectory for what it is. Put your blinders on. Nothing else matters.


Being stubborn will cause you much inner pain in the long run. The best thing to do is to forgive and forget. Don’t you see that by holding on to your anger you are destroying your inner being? Keep harmony inside and out by letting go.


You can become an expert in almost anything. Dividing your time between “must do” and “might do” and “can’t do” will give you more time later on when you need it. Right now, it is about essentials. Get back to basics.

PISCESYou have to start somewhere. Beginnings that you resist turn into opportunities you can’t imagine your life without. You have a vast knowledge base that ought to be mined on a continual basis. Luck is a gift. Friendship is something you can’t do without. Appreciate the kind people in your life.

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