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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


The worst is almost over. A muse enters your life and inspires you into action. It’s so easy to fall off the wagon but getting back on requires finding a better kind of fun. It will be survival of the fittest where finances are concerned.


You are invited to participate in something you’re not sure you have the time for. That quickening you feel when you’re about to do something doesn’t last long – it’s like jumping into cold water. Once you’re in, you’re in. You’ll want some romantic getaway soon just for fun.


You get a few people on your side but more are on the other side. Know when to give up and when to keep fighting but be realistic with yourself. You feel lucky that you have high creativity right now.


You lose things if you let the clutter pile up too high and that’s when you get into the trap of buying the same things over and over again. Go through what you have so you won’t have to throw your money away. Planning ahead this time of year makes all the difference.


In many ways, your recent tragedy or bad news is allowing you to come full circle. When you take out the middle man you can directly respond to the things gone unchecked in your life. Now that you realize that you are mostly here to go it alone, it lends to relief.


A vacation awaits. Take time away from the stuff that has you losing time. When you stop and dwell in the present it heals your heart. Don’t look too far ahead or else you’ll lose that ability to soak up the moment for what it’s worth. Believe what someone tells you in a drunken moment.


Letting go of someone and all that they represented in your heart makes you giddy with possibilities. Enjoy the comfort of home and the hearth fires of good company. You might be working a little too hard but you’ll be happy to feel loved.


Monitor what goes in and what comes out; no more unconscious inhaling of things, food, drink, stuff – make it count, make it matter because, frankly, you’re worth it. Look to the joyous surrender and be grateful.


It’s a good time to really take in those who have been kind to you over the years. You see now how short life is and you forgive yourself for not being perfect and perhaps not living up to every expectation you ever had for yourself. It’s all okay now.


You learn that forgiveness is really the recourse and that accepting people as they are is really key to maintaining lasting relationships. Most especially, if you are having self-hating moments, imagine that you are someone you love unconditionally, like a child or a pet. It makes a difference.


You must learn the art of mastering one thing. Even if you never have a lot of other things, you really need the one handy trick to pull out of a hat when the pressure is on, something you return to again and again. Figure out what it is and stick with it.

PISCESYou must watch spreading yourself too thin. When you have too much to do you never do anything really that well. Cut out what is not absolutely necessary. Get help when you can. Stabilize. These are still the best years of your life

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