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Letters to the Editor:

Did you know the petition signature-gatherers you see in front of stores and at farmers’ markets are hired by private campaign companies and are paid per signature collected? The League of Women Voters is concerned that the signature-gatherers on a local campus have been caught fraudulently asking people to sign four sheets for a “children’s cancer program.” In truth, the signers are putting their name on four separate petitions. The signers had no idea they are signing petitions to change the way California allots its electoral votes, eminent domain, and other issues. DO NOT SIGN THESE PETITIONS UNLESS YOU READ THEM CAREFULLY AND AGREE THAT THE MEASURE SHOULD BE ON THE BALLOT.

The signature-gatherers also give out voter registration forms. A person’s address, driver’s license number, social security number, political party, telephone number, and email address are on the registration form. This information is not secure when collected by paid signature-gatherers. If you receive a voter registration form from these paid petitioners, INSIST ON MAILING THE FORM YOURSELF so the information on it will remain private. If you wish to register to vote, you may obtain a registration form at any post office. In Los Angeles County, you can call the Registrar’s Office at 562.466.1310 and a form will be mailed to you directly. You can also download a form from the California Secretary of State’s website, sos.ca.gov. A voter registration form requires a signature so you can’t register online.

The deadline for registering to vote for the February 5 Presidential Primary is January 22, 2008. Remember, you must re-register if you have moved, changed your name, or wish to change your political party.

For further questions about voting or your ballot, call our office at 310.394.4661.

Amy Bishop-Dunbar, President, LWV Santa Monica

Thea Brodkin, Voter Service Director

* * * *

Santa Monica: Got Chess?

For the last three years, Santa Monica has been the focus of a concerted effort by City Departments, business groups, and individuals to remind a community of the benefits of the game of chess; and to remind educators that chess is interactive, challenging, and solution oriented.

I would like to thank the following people for their work and time committed toward creating and maintaining an environment for this remarkable program to flourish.

Without their tremendous contributions of time, materials, and caring instruction, this self-sustaining instructional program, which takes no funding from any City Budget, would simply not exist.

Thank You:

Greg Mullen, SMPL Managing Director; Sylvia Anderle, SMPL Fairview Library; Celia Carroll, SMPL Mgr. Ocean Park Library; Catherine Ronan, SMPL Mgr. Fairview Library; Youth Services SMPL; Ellen Braby/Erica Cuyugan; LuLu; SMPL Fairview/Main Library; Jamie Watson, Ocean Park Library; Jessie Nathaniel, SMPL Ocean Park Library; Shirley Vernale, SMPL Fairview Library; Jeff Altman, SMPL Fairview Library; SMPL Inspectors and Staff; The Friends of SMPL; Keith Neal; Santa Monica Parks Dept. (which started the chess program); Bill Lasley, Instructor; Joseph Cepiel, Instructor; Aldis Brown, Instructor; Ned Sloane, Instructor; Kasey Perkins, Instructor; Joyce “Aces” Wheeler, Instructor; Grandmaster Varuzhan Akobian (2007) World Open Champion; Dean Mitrovich (2003 World Open Speed Chess Champion); Jonathan and Jeff Li, Volunteer Youth Instructors; Jennifer White, Volunteer Youth Instructor; Alex Burchuk, Volunteer Youth Instructor; Jakov, Volunteer Instructor; Liam Kane, Volunteer Youth Instructor; Conrad McKinnon, Volunteer Youth Instructor; Cameron Lange, Volunteer Youth Instructor; Pete Savino; Dan Berman; Mike White, and the Santa Monica Bay Chess Club; Santa Monica City Resource and Markets Dept.; Jodi Low/Laura Avery/Diana Rogers; Main Street Merchants; Pierre and Panini Garden; Joe Pipersky and Main Street Diner; The Victorian Restaurant and Banquet Facility Staff and Management; Barry; Michael Perelmuter; Jay Cousins; Jordon Feldman Family; Parke Meek and Jadis; Susan Liberman and Paris 1900; Eric and Emily Moss; Paul Scott and Zan Dubin-Scott; and all our students, family members, supporters.

The SMPL Youth and Family Chess Instructors teach: “Winning is doing your best, given what you know at the time. Winning is continuing to make the best move you can make, for now, or later, or both; even if the outcome seems preordained.

The larger world may be in a constant argument with itself, but in this room, families of any continent, culture, and age, from five to 86; can all come together to play and learn chess.

In this room, Chess is not merely taught as a game, it is imparted as a second or third language

There is something very different about this “Chess Class.” The Senior instructors are a formidable group, as chess players go; yet the room is filled with laughter.

Thank you all.

M Bloch

Very Lucky Santa Monica Public Library Chess Program Wrangler

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