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The Beach Gourmet: Ocean Park Omelette Parlor: Less Parlor, More Emporium

Ocean Park Omelette Parlor has been a local breakfast communal center for over 25 years, and its reputation as an omelette heaven has been maintained by serving great omelettes with original recipes. Popular choices include the Chili Hernandez (mild chili con carne with beans, cheddar cheese, and chopped onion, $9.82) and the politically relevant Renters Rights (bacon and potato filling with sour cream on the side, $9.81).

But, despite its name, the Ocean Park Omelette Parlor has a few more tricks up its culinary sleeve, including an array of salads, sandwiches, and other breakfast choices – some are traditional, while some boast a more unique and creative flair.

Sitting in the “booth” room (the restaurant has three distinct spaces: a large and elongated breakfast bar with a few tables thrown in, a generous-sized and charming outside patio, and the aforementioned booth room, experienced immediately upon entry), I scanned the breakfast menu that features some creative variations, such as a Croissant Breakfast, consisting of a buttered croissant stuffed with three eggs, Italian sausage, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese, served with OP (Omelette Parlor) potatoes and fresh fruit garnish ($9.69), and a Gold’s Gym Life Style (four pieces of French toast, four egg whites, and a chicken breast, $9.49).

One dish that really caught my attention was the Californian Benedict. It is a tantalizing wheat nut muffin spread with sun-dried tomato-basil pesto, with avocado, poached eggs, smothered with their own hollandaise sauce, served with OP potatoes, and garnished with fresh fruit. Yes, I thought to myself, a provocative jigsaw of flavors that should fit together to create a tasty kaleidoscope.

My Cali Benedict arrived in good time, hot, colorful, and neatly presented. The subsequent dining experience was a treat indeed.

The combination of tomato-basil pesto, avocado, eggs, and hollandaise produced a fresh and summery flavor, with substance being provided by the wheat nut muffin. This dish was creative and well prepared, and a good example of how a little open thinking can give a traditional idea a new flavor. The OP potatoes were super-good, crispy, and grease-free, completing a perfectly delightful meal. Enjoyed with a glass of OJ, wheat toast, and a voluminous cappuccino, this was a rewarding breakfast affair indeed.

The Omelette Parlor is a Main Street gem, with a smart and clean interior, some cool eye candy, including some rather neat oversized period photographs featuring our very own beach areas, and a welcoming ambience. Expect it to remain so for at least another 25 years.

Although it is more popular on weekends than red roses on Valentine’s Day, some real bargains are to be had with the early morning happy hour, when omelettes are offered at half price between 6:00 and 7:00 a.m., and, as I have experienced, these omelettes have some attractive and very tasty acquaintances accompanying them on the menu.

Omelette Parlor, 2732 Main Street, 310.399.7892.

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