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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


The new school is the same as the old school. A bountiful surprise presents itself before the true spirit of the season, renewing your faith in more things than just humanity. Love and sex feature prominently in how you define happiness.


You are now the tortoise beating the hare. You have learned after many false starts that the only way to begin is slowly, without expectations and with patience. Don’t fret the small stuff if you stumble now and again.


Perfection is not an admirable goal to strive for in life. It sets you up for a lifetime of disappointment and it makes it impossible to simply exist. It’s best to assume everything will go wrong so act accordingly. Make sure to let everyone know up front: you’re not perfect!


Something from your past continues to haunt you. Even when you try to forget it from your conscious mind, it rears its ugly head in your subconscious via your bizarre dreams. These dreams are meant to remind you of what you are really feeling underneath it all.


A backwards step fills you with panic about your future. It may seem like nothing to your inner circle but it’s real and it’s going to mess with your sanity for a while. Watch the way you react to people who rely on you. You don’t always know how badly you can come off.


Life is a complicated mess and it’s filled with twists and turns. You are feeling a calling of sorts and its very strong feeling. You really should honor that little voice; it is an honorable voice and one that will end you up in a better place emotionally.


You are inspired to do something you’ve never done before and it may feel good. Keeping the brain young requires that you think young. Don’t limit yourself because you fear being too old for it. It’s time to be young inside and out.


You are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and don’t ever let anyone tell you differently. You are the shimmering jewel hiding in the sand. When people make you feel like a piece of trash, just remember, they can’t see you at all. Rid yourself of them and fast.


You weigh your options and wonder what would be better: this abundant thing that could bring wealth or that simple thing that could bring endless amounts of pleasure. It is the endless toss-up. Just follow your heart, stay simple, and every once in a while go for that one big thing.


A different face restarts your self-image and causes you to get noticed more than before. Don’t believe the superficial silliness that is foisted upon us to sell products; we are still valuable human beings with something to say no matter how much we have or what we look like.


You are losing your temper a bit much lately and you might be feeling a loss of control. This is totally normal, of course, for this time of year. The trick is to stay clean in your mind. Rid yourself of the damaging thoughts and obsessions. Meditation might be the best way out of it.


You’re surprising yourself lately with your ability to take care of yourself. You never thought it possible because so much of life seems to be a mysterious tornado sweeping you up in its mystery and force, but in fact it’s not so intimidating as all that. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

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