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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Plan carefully the next few days. Digest what’s been happening in your family. Introduce yourself to someone new. Be open with your feelings and don’t hold anything back. You will discover unearthed fires.


You feel inspired to do something unique with the next couple of weeks. It’s a good instinct. Go with it. Focus is on getting rid of the baggage. You will see how easy it all slips away. An insightful soul has given you good advice.


You will feel a lot of relief as you finally deal with some unfinished business. You can’t live your life like there is a shadow behind you. You must be able to be your authentic self, outward, confident, uncaring about the negative.


When you first meet up with that certain someone, your instinct is going to be to run in the other direction. Your fears are well-founded. If you find you can’t control yourself perhaps it’s time for much-needed isolationism.


You are led around by someone else’s ego. You flatter and you are appreciative of flattery but sooner or later you will have to atone for the truth. Don’t let distractions keep you from reaching your goal this week, and there will be many.


You find yourself on the same channel lately. It makes for a noisy head. Find the quiet. Listen to advisors who have the right idea about your financial dealings. You must learn better control by not always getting what you want.


You are running from something but it is gaining on you. It might be a person, or a bill, or a life, or a job, but you can’t avoid confrontation. Best to stand still and take your licks. That ends it quicker.


You haven’t got time to really spend making long-term decisions. Don’t waste more of your time by weighing the pros and cons. Some decisions you have the luxury to do that; this isn’t one of those times. You must do it without haste.


You are motivated to aspire to something higher than what you’ve been given. Don’t push things until the last minute. Try to be way ahead of the game. That way, you won’t get caught with your pants down at a bad time.


A part of yourself you don’t recognize is coming out more and more lately. You are worried that it is like a genie in a bottle and once it’s out, it’s out. There’s no getting it back in. Step away from the situation that brings it out in you.


Second guessing someone’s motivations will end in a bitter fight, one that isn’t worth it for you. You should just not engage with this person. Instead, focus on things outside of your immediate sphere. It’s a great time to begin a third or fourth career.


Taking things too personally is one of your problems. You don’t always have to launch into a strenuous battle of wills. You can live and let live if you dial it down from here on out. There are wonderful surprises ahead in the coming months.

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