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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


In the beginning there was only lightness. Now you have lightness and darkness and the darkness is getting bigger. Figure out what amount of it is too much and then open the windows and let the light back in. This is how you decide with whom to spend time.


You have a secret to your potential success but you’ve been holding on to it for too long. Isn’t it about time to unwrap it, take off the price tag and put it to good use? After all, it’s only a matter of imagining it’s real. It is real, isn’t it?


You are frustrated with your lack of time management skills this week and could feel like you’re running up a muddy slope only to slide right back down again. Do you think you’ll get to the point where just the sliding makes you happy?


Solving the riddle is a matter of perspective. When you see things the right way you really see things. When you are too close or too far away it all looks blurry. But stand at the right distance and look upon the majesty of it all. Do you recognize it?


You are but moments away from making a dream a reality. You aren’t going to need to lose something significant to gain back everything. It is not a question of giving up what you need. You are surprised to find out some news of a loved one.


You get lucky yet again as you roll the dice and the gods smile on you. The thing you’re worried about should be checked out. But don’t get carried away if you don’t get immediate answers. Be thorough and relentless.


Life is a scream, especially these days when everything seems to be falling apart like overcooked meat. Just remember that it isn’t the meat but the gravy it makes that makes life worth living. You are in between two people and you need to get out of the way.


You are spending far too much time on one thing. Futility comes at the end when you don’t have anymore time or energy to give and it still is not complete. A message is filtered through someone who’s not to be trusted. Seek the purity of the message.


You are sick of being on the outside looking in. To feel normal, you want to feel what you think everyone is feeling. We are all caught under the thumb of marketing. We are taught that we can achieve the impossible. We need to stop listening to “them.”


You are gifted with many talents. Those talents have gotten you far and they will carry you home. When you are asked a very big question make sure you answer right. To do that you need to understand the question fully: what are they really saying?


You can’t save everyone. Sooner or later you have to save yourself and take care of you and yours. You are proud that one person at least seems to get where you’re coming from. Make it public. Time to start creating.

PISCESFashioning a comeback? What once held you back is now your greatest asset. Magic will happen when you click your heels and make a wish. Make that three wishes. Make them good because, all things considered, they will likely come true. You only get three.

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