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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer

Laura Wilde

Mirror Contributing Writer


Further investigating may result in you finding out information you didn’t exactly want to know. But knowledge is power. The trick is in keeping people unaware of how much you know. Only bring it out when it is of supreme value. Otherwise, sock it away for emergencies.


Your generous heart and kindness will reward you in the end. It may seem like it goes nowhere and that you aren’t any good at anything but the truth is, you are the smartest kid on the block and a force to be reckoned with.


You may be feeling confined as of late. Too much to do, not enough money, not enough freedom. Life is seeming like one big fat no. But in reality, life is a yes when you figure out what the right questions are. Let your conscience be your guide.


It isn’t a matter of twisting yourself to fit into someone’s idea of what you should be. You lead with your mind. When you feel like you don’t want to be bothered with anything, that’s when you should, instead, be concerned. Try to not let yourself lapse into I-don’t-care mode.


You get a creative streak right around the changing of the new year. It really will feel like you are leaving the worst part of life behind. Motivation comes from an unlikely source. Some days you just want to give up on everything but someone will help you hang in.


You are helped out of a bizarre situation by a good pal. Don’t fret the small stuff, especially when suddenly there is so much big stuff to fret. Dreaming, like fretting, is free. Encourage yourself to do as much of it as you want. Having a happy ending is a matter of perspective.


An opportunity presents itself that you can’t pass up. It will mean shifting your life around in a strange sort of way but once you make room for it you’ll be surprised you ever wanted it any other way. Your suspicions are dead on about a certain someone. Roll with it.


It is supposed to be a time for happier moments in your life, not a time for stress. You keep loading yourself up with things you can handle but the truth is, it’s all too much for you at the moment. You acted prematurely and now you regret it.


Just when you think you’ve got a handle on things, the worm turns. You switch places with someone and there isn’t any wiggle room. Honesty is brutal this week. Sooner or later you’ll have different people to contend with but for now, the familiar faces are causing you stress.


Going on with your life after a traumatic situation or relationship hasn’t been easy. You’ve gotten through it to the best of your ability but in reality, you don’t have a clue as to where you’re going. You will feel better when you figure out how to leave behind undeserving loafers.


You aren’t able to fit enough in. Your days are jammed with too much to do and you find yourself chasing the clock too often. Slow down a bit around the curves. Let life catch up. Buried treasures reveal themselves in delightful ways.


You have to watch your temper around these times. There are people to whom your words and deeds mean a good deal. When you realize how you are coming off, or see yourself through someone else’s eyes, you will be shaken awake. It isn’t doing you any good, living without self-awareness.

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