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Extraordinary Deceptions: A Magical Holiday Extravaganza

Through December 30

Everyone loves magic, and what could be better than a magic show in a small venue in your own neighborhood. With 1940’s-era Christmas music playing before the show and all the props neatly placed on stage, the excitement builds before “Magic” Michael Gutenplan takes the stage in a blast of confetti. Gutenplan, a member of the famed Magic Castle, starts with some card tricks, moves on to some mind tricks, and even has a member of the audience shoot a paintball gun and the magician catches the paintball – signed by the audience member – in his mouth. Sure, there must be smoke and mirrors, but here’s one trick we’re still talking about. He gave a large manila envelope with the word PREDICTION written on it to a young lad in the front row to hold (the editor’s son, to be exact, but the magician didn’t know). Then he told the audience he had a dream the night before. He then asked anyone in the audience to name a place. A young girl called out “Hawaii.” He then asked how you would get to Hawaii. “United,” someone called out, although in all honesty, someone said Hawaiian Air and Gutenplan said, “Be more creative.” Then he asked how much it would cost. “$600,” someone else called out. All this time the envelope was safely resting on the young lad’s lap. Gutenplan called him up on the stage, the envelope was opened and, you guessed it, it did say Hawaii, United, and $600. Explain that one! If that’s not good enough for you, maybe you will be the lucky audience member to be sawed in half, like the Mirror’s own editor.

8pm Fridays/2:30pm and 7:30pm Saturdays/2:30pm Sundays, through December 30, $25, Powerhouse Theatre, 3116 2nd St., 310.396.3680 x3.

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