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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


A more organized way of life will allow the right type of brain space for the ideas to emerge. Don’t force anything or you will break it. A little bit extra every day will bring you back into fighting shape. You have to fight feeling like you’ve lost.


When you say something you don’t mean it makes you feel rotten. The truth is hard to talk about, even harder to face. When you get support from those closest to you maybe it will make it easier to get things out in the open so they don’t fester.


You are spending a lot of your time trying to please a certain someone who is never satisfied. In a weird sort of way, this is a warped vision of how love is supposed to be. Guess what, it isn’t. You will never be enough for this person, no matter how perfect you are.


Trouble is around the corner and it is about to come knocking. Don’t be drawn in by the allure. Keep you wits about you, even when it means you have fallen down a deep well, metaphorically. Don’t trust someone who pretends to have it all.


You are lonely in ways you can’t even explain. You can’t forget a certain dishonor done to you. All of the times you fought hard to make yourself stronger seem like they were of no use. They were foundation building and that is priceless.


You are pressed to reveal certain secrets about yourself. The revelation is only half true. You know what the real story is but this one is easier to digest. Don’t look at how far you have to go; look at how far you’ve come.


You are putting in your head what should be ingested through a different sensory opening. It isn’t an intellectual decision you have to make, it’s a lifetime happiness decision and the brain can’t satisfy that sort of dilemma. It must be the heart or the gut.


You have someone guiding you through the tough patches and they have always been there until now. You are having to endure on your own. You will be so much stronger and more capable at the end of it, it will all have been worth it. Don’t be confused; you’ll get taken advantage of.


You have a good reason to be upset but don’t hold on to a grudge that long. You will have a pain in your heart that will eventually cause some damage. You are headed for a much bigger step and you couldn’t be happier.


It’s a great thing to feel power that comes from the knowledge that you are doing the right thing. You have to sometimes watch what you say. And perhaps admit that you will never get what you need. It’s simply never coming. Find other ways to be fulfilled.


You can’t keep going this way. Something’s gotta give. You will feel out of step, perhaps not keeping up with your colleagues or peers. This will make you want to do extreme things to catch up. Don’t spend money to make yourself look more modern. It isn’t worth it.

PISCESYou have to take the good with the bad. All of the adulation you have received comes with its mean and nasty little cousin. Criticism is everywhere. You have faith and that is what keeps you from going under. Keep it and grow stronger.

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