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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Moving through the nightly routine you haven’t got time for the pain. Step up but don’t hold back. A journey is an undiscovered opportunity to shine on, you crazy diamond. Don’t fret if you don’t live up to expectations. You are the real thing.


A business opportunity presents itself. You can’t tell the difference between going back and moving forward so you feel like you’re standing in one place. It’s a whole different playing field now. But you’re in your element.


You will have to start managing your time better if you expect to keep up with everyone else. Putting things off and hoping you can pull it through at the last minute leaves you holding the bag, vowing never to repeat. Doing things when they need to get done frees up your time.


You long for something that once was and never can be again. You are in the process of letting go. Nothing like that is ever easy. You will always have parts of yourself that belong to them. The best thing to do is have a symbolic memorial to say goodbye once and for all.


You are trying hard to repair the damage done to a certain relationship. You felt betrayed but on the other hand, you have to look at it from the other side too. When people go into survival mode it isn’t always easy to be generous.


You have been in the same position as the person you are now grousing about. How quickly we forget. But then again, a debt is paid off when a debt is paid off. You don’t have to torture yourself over it. It’s a great time to start playing by the rules. The rules are comforting when you live by them.


Where did you put your dreams when you decided to put them away? Can they be brought back out again? Have they evaporated into the ether only to be ingested by someone else along the way? Dreams that cost too much aren’t worth having. Dreams that are free are of value.


Your long-term goals are goals worth everything. They will keep you going when you want to stop. Building a dream is the only way out. Start small. Make it visual. Don’t ever stop. Success is in the attempt more so than the accomplishment.


Be careful not to overlook tender advances made to get your attention. Some people aren’t able to show their affection freely and must be given room to do so without fear of rejection. Take it easy and sweetly.


You are at last on the true precipice of change. Making the very small steps will take you where you want to go. You have a longer climb uphill but starting now ensures greater success. Have faith in someone who is trying hard.


It’s important to be generous of spirit when you are called upon to be the judge and jury. You can be right and you can be righteous but you can also be understanding and patient. Do not swerve off the rails. Speed must also be steady.


You are still hoping to make a great change and get off of spinning unicycle you’ve been on. You’ve managed to achieve some success but you’ve also managed to drive yourself crazy in the process. If the toll it takes is mind, body, and heart, it ain’t worth it.

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