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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Too many connections are trying to come together at once. When they are all hitting at the same time there is no way to connect with anything or anyone. A lovely gift accidentally drops in your lap. A joke might be serious after all.


You feel lucky about the changes happening in your life and maybe for the first time in a long time, hopeful. Someone from your past, who is most definitely out of it, finally gets a clue. But the world continues to move too quickly. It’s not a race for speed but for endurance.


Cleaning out old clutter and unearthing misplaced and lost treasures fills your heart and cleanses your spirit. It’s impossible to think with so much chaos around you. Straighten things up, toss out unwanted items from your past you will never wear or use, and start anew.


You are haunted by something that might have been, almost was, and you think might be again. When you keep the hope alive you never close the door. If you don’t close the door, you can’t open another one and move through it. It’s time for transitions.


If you believe in luck you will be lucky. If you believe in the future you will always have something to look forward to. If you yearn for the past you will rarely feel happy. If you absorb the tense quiet of the moment, you will feel your life.


Take a cue from an elder in your clan, someone who has been there, done that. When they say you shouldn’t be involved in a plan or with a person, they speak the truth. Don’t be inclined to run from the truth, especially when it means sacrificing your own desire.


You know where it is you want to be headed but you can’t seem to unlock yourself from where you are right now. The place you belong is waiting for you. Take the hard and irreversible steps to get there. The grass won’t look greener anymore.


We seem to want too many things, ask for too many things, give away too many things. It’s important to stop focusing on that part of life. Living things are worth sacrificing for.


This time you can’t judge a book by its cover. What you see isn’t exactly what you get. Beauty is defined, ultimately, by who we are. Those who judge beauty harshly live to regret it. It comes from within. It has always has.


You don’t understand why your good intentions are being misunderstood. The motives of others will always confuse them as to your own. It is always good practice to be up front about your feelings with regard to work. Just be direct without getting personal. That’s the key.


You have moments where you look at yourself and you’re proud. You know that your hard work has paid off and you can accept it without fearing eventual failure that often follows when you have done less than what you were capable of. Someday you will owe nothing.

PISCESThe areas of your life that are being sacrificed in order for you to do what you do are too important to be brushed aside. A big change must take place to undo this action and hopefully it won’t something too irreversable. Fix what is broken before the engine stops working.

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