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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


A change is going to come. We can’t wait for someone to come along who will do it better. We have to do it ourselves. You may be influenced by someone to do the wrong thing because it seems easy. Don’t fall for it.


The stress of recent events have taken a toll on you and yours. One can only take so much before the need to collapse sets in. A few steps back, a few steps forward. You are due for a beautiful reward. Hard work, devotion, and loyalty will all pay off.


You have the gift of inspiration both as a giver and as a receiver. You are easily swayed by the strong opinions of others, just as you can be very persuasive with your own opinions. Sometimes you come into conflict, not sure what the right way to go is.


Your more prominent characteristics mislead people into thinking you have it mostly together, and that you are not necessarily falling apart on the inside. If anyone gives you the chance to unload, you might just want to take it. As long as you have established trust.


You are worried that your future seems uncertain, more so than previously thought. You want to be able to land on more solid ground for the long haul. You will have people who can help you when you hit rock bottom.


Your positive energy is a life force that draws people to you. As long as you can condition your thought patterns to keep repeating the good stuff and repel the negativity. Life can feel like a grand waste of time when we invest too much of ourselves into negative patterns of thought.


Finances are the focus this week. As long as you continue to keep things on the up and up, you will have financial security. If you start doing the money dance, moving money around and not getting proper padding, you’ll start up that slippery slope.


Yin and yang influence your behavior this week. You feel loyal to no one and your future seems like a big question mark. You want to be free and yet you don’t want to be alone. You like your work but you feel some frustration at your own inability to do what you want to do.


Time is of the essence. That little idea planted in the back of your head of where you want to take this next part of your life is pulsating with desire to be noticed. You are at the jumping off point but aren’t sure if you can really do the freefall thing. You’ll always land on your feet.


People accuse you of playing favorites but the truth is, you are being diplomatic. You have your own burning hatred for people but you keep mostly under wraps. Revenge will get you nowhere. It will only bruise your soul in the end.


There isn’t much you can do to alter the path you’ve set for yourself. When you take action you fight with both hands. You are more powerful than anyone has ever given you credit for and no one can stop you once you get going.


You never have taken the easy road. But you get what you pay for. No one is ever going to be perfect, especially not those you desire. Learn to choose more wisely to whom you give away your time and your heart. Look ahead. Good things await.

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