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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


It isn’t all about doom and gloom, especially with a great new friendship (or more?) on the horizon. Lustful thoughts distract you as you try to wrestle with your priorities. You should focus more on what you can do rather than complain about what you can’t do. Conflicts intensify as the weekend comes to a close.


If you can’t live with the voices in your head you have to live without them. If it feels like a freefall to let go of that which has always been comforting, imagine that the drop isn’t that high and that you will land securely on your feet. Your talents get you out of a jam.


A flip flop picks you up from one spot and drops you down into another. Communication in groups makes you feel united with those you love. Keep your materials and stuff well-organized or else face the frustration of losing things all the time.


You will feel overwhelmed with the need to defend and protect. It isn’t going to hurt anyone but it might scare people. Separate business relationships with friendships. Remember that you are valued on both levels. Windows of opportunities stay open longer than you think.


The end of the month finds you in a peculiar place – on top and in charge. You are grateful for what you are blessed with and eager to face the challenges of the next phase of your life. You have dealt with failure and you’ve become comfortable with the risk involved. Good for you.


The pressure is intensifying but it is about to drop off significantly. How happy you’ll be when you can look back on this time like a difficult hill you had to climb but that filled you with relief once you reached the top of it. It’s so good to be able to feel healthy of mind and heart.


You find you are still doing battle with an old form of punishment, one that you’ve more than paid for. Those who continually make you suffer are doing so because they haven’t gotten what they need from you. Have it out with them, tears and all, and move past it.


Being bold and brave will serve you well this week. Playing it safe will not. How can you know that which is ruled by intuition and luck? You can’t know. Roll the dice and live with the universe’s decision. It’s time to upgrade an electronic device that has been giving you trouble lately.


You will be experiencing some failure of communication and mixed messages. All is not what it seems and things that are one way today will be something totally different by week’s end. You will wake up knowing what has seemed unknowable.


Think about prosperity and an open heart. But playing it nice won’t serve you well in drawing out a plan to make things happen. You have to be noisy and annoying in order to get anyone to listen to you. Staying quiet will serve others but will leave you behind.


You will be asked a favor that might make you a bit weirded out. Keep the boundaries well intact but do investigate where this feeling is taking you. Have you ever felt drawn to someone but didn’t know exactly why? This is going to be a moral choice and not an easy one.


Make sure to read between the lines. There are always going to be errors and if you don’t find them no one will. Don’t pay more than you can for things. Don’t waste your money with fees. Do stay on top of your finances and limit indulgences for a while. There is happiness and wealth waiting if you say yes.

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