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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


You are caught off guard just when you didn’t think you could get any deeper into trouble. But keep a cool head and try hard to focus. Some people aren’t able to think much farther ahead than five minutes, thus they inconvenience you in the process.


Forget about tradition and loyalty. We live in a world where things move quickly and agendas are proudly out in the open. Although you can’t really bear change that happens so far, you are ready and willing to do whatever you have to do to keep the car on the road.


Your deepest desires have been kept locked up for too long. To stay healthy you’ll have to release them. When someone who values you looks into your eyes, a fondness is cemented. You shouldn’t judge people too harshly. Love is blind.


You can make it work, whatever it is and however hard it seems to you. You can make your future secure. You won’t be running from ghosts much longer. Those ghosts have died out and they ain’t coming back.


You feel tired of having to fight for every last dollar; something’s gotta give. Just when you thought it was safe to step back into the jungle, another enemy has reinforced its army. Build yourself back up and become a force to be reckoned with.


You’re worried about the future of people you know and love. You feel the pressure of a deadline looming. You may feel emptied out, like others have tapped your resources. You know what’s coming and you don’t understand this world. Look for what’s around the corner.


You are pleased that some of your goals are panning out. You are angry, though, much of what you deeply feel gets lost in the shuffle. You wonder where certain people are getting such large profits while you aren’t doing so hot. It’s all about opportunity.


You get help from people but you sometimes forget to thank them for giving you a leg up. It’s important to remember who your allies are. Favors ain’t cheap; you pay a high price for getting a back door pass.


Take it all with a grain of salt. No one ever means the vicious things that fly out of their mouth. They are operating on a primal level. Where is your resentment coming from? Ask yourself before you damage the fragile ego of someone close to you.


You are running on the highs and lows but not the in-betweens. You take things too hard and blame yourself when the fact is, you bring nothing but great things into the lives of others. You bring happiness and generosity of spirit. That’s worth more than material things.


You sometimes miss the joke and don’t catch on until much later, sometimes even years later. Humor masks bitter truths. If it wasn’t funny then, chances are it isn’t funny now. Laughter is a good thing.

PISCESYou feel like something essential is missing but you can’t figure out what it is. You went through the same motions, followed the script mostly to the letter yet it wasn’t as fun or exciting as you thought it would be. The past can often lift our expectations to unreasonable heights. Strive for harmony

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