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Letters to the Editor:

In a recent Notebook [Santa Monica Mirror, January 24-30] you mentioned: “And if you think George W. Bush stole an election, just ask about the JFK victory over Richard Nixon when Mayor Daley posited the question, ‘How many votes you need?’ Illinois was the last to report, and their votes carried the day for Kennedy.”

In the 1960 election, JFK received 303 electoral votes. Nixon received 219, and Sen. Harry F. Byrd received 15 electoral votes. Thus of a total of 537 electoral votes it was necessary for a candidate to receive 269 votes to win.

In 1960 Illinois had only 27 electoral votes, Therefore even if JFK lost Illinois, he would have still won the election, i.e., 303 less 27 is 276 which is still 7 more electoral votes for JFK to have needed.

Sorry to ruin this urban myth for you, but having supported JFK in 1960, I know many of our fellow Americans still believe that JFK owes his election to Mayor Daley. The facts prove otherwise.


Norman G. Axe

Santa Monica

* * * *

Just read Stacy Collins’ article [Santa Monica Mirror, February 7-13]. I worked at a local poll and must admit that many of her complaints are valid.

Change in polling sites was a major problem to many – but those people were properly notified of the correct venue on their Sample Ballot form. Many just ignored this address, which also mentioned the color of the table they should vote at. Those who brought their Sample Ballot with them were taken care of, and assigned quickly. It’s true that we should have been more aware of this address and table color and the importance of bringing the Sample Ballot. Poor communication.

Party affiliation was another problem. Many felt disenfranchised that they could not vote for the party or persons they desired because of party rules set. Non-Partisans could vote “Democrat” – not “Republican” or other party. Those who thought they were “Independent” were limited to the choice of “American Independent” only. Other listed parties were restricted to the names on their ballot only.

I’m sure there must have been valid reasons for the above, but it caused much confusion and delays at the polls. Many were suspicious of party motives. Certainly this was true of the propositions offered where certain NO votes may have meant the opposite, and voting YES may mean votes against. Some of the MILLIONS spent on ceaseless and boring ads could have helped clarify. Anger, confusion, and suspicion abounded.

Proper use and application of Provisional Votes also confused.

Perhaps others, not politicians, should be involved in presenting explanations, rules, and regulations for voters in the future. Our pollsters were not prepared to answer the many questions of voters. There could not have been near enough time in Pollster Training sessions to address all the points brought up – making the dedicated pollsters seem uninformed.

Name withheld by request

* * * *

Dear Community Members: On behalf of all our children, certificated and classified staff, and Board of Education, I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the voters of the Santa Monica-Malibu community for their overwhelming support of public education.

Yesterday’s 72.54 percent voter approval of Measure “R” clearly demonstrates your commitment to maintaining excellence in our schools.

This wonderful renewal will be celebrated by all at Juan Cabrillo Elementary School, Edison Language Academy, Franklin Elementary School, Grant Elementary School, McKinley Elementary School, John Muir Elementary School, Pt. Dume Marine Science Elementary School, Roosevelt Elementary School, John L. Webster Elementary School, Will Rogers Learning Community, John Adams Middle School, Lincoln Middle School, Santa Monica Alternative School House, Malibu High School, Santa Monica High School, Olympic High School, Adult Education Center, Child Development Services, and our Community Day School.

The students at these 19 centers of learning will continue to thrive knowing that the outstanding education they receive in their classrooms is strongly supported by their communities.

We have set a remarkable standard for ourselves to continue to provide the best education possible for each of our students, and your support is deeply appreciated and greatly needed.

We look forward to seeing you at our schools’ many performances of music, dance, and drama; on the fields cheering on the various sports in which our students participate; and at the ceremonies this June, recognizing the meaningful achievement of our elementary and middle school students, and the graduation exercises at our high schools, where we wish our seniors the best as they move out into the world having secured their educational foundations in the Santa Monica-Malibu schools.

All this is possible because of your sustained belief in World Class Public Schools for our children.

Thank You All Very Much,

Dianne Talarico, Superintendent

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