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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


You aren’t ready but you have to close your eyes and take a brave leap anyway. Revenge is sweet but compassion and forgiveness is sweeter. Getting even is a temporary soothe to an enduring ache but its residue will taste unsavory.


You are moving forward anyway, even though times have changed and people have changed. Think of it this way: plans are overrated. You can plan everything to the letter and life will still muscle its way in and break all of the ornaments.


You are being led down the path of good memories and unforgettable times. Some of them aren’t yours! Remember to bite your lip if you feel you can’t quite relate. It’s important to share and be a part of others who want you included.


Cutting it close to the deadline leaves you feeling frazzled and out of sorts. You do your best but sometimes you aren’t thinking clearly. Just remember to give thanks and appreciation to those who make things so much easier for you.


You feel some freedom with a recent gift but you know these things don’t last long. You have to start thinking bigger. Just looking at what is right in front of you makes you lose perspective. You are about to get a break.


Life doesn’t wait for you. The cycle of life turns and there is nothing you can do to slow it down. Your perception of time might be slightly altered if you imagine it moving slower than you are. In the meantime, make lists of the essentials in love, in wealth, and in health.


You are fortunate to have an ally in an ongoing battle to improve things. You are worried that once someone drops the ball the game is forever lost. Sometimes you have to be a rule-breaker. You can’t always be the good one in the room.


Fear and loathing has kept you on the outside looking in. Rejecting most people isn’t the best way to keep from getting lonely. You must deal with your inner pain. On a lighter note, you and your friends prosper in unexpected ways.


Technology will be the primary challenge this week as you start learning something new. Just remember, sometimes there is no exactly right answer. Sometimes you have try this and try that and eventually you’ll stumble on the right answer.


Hurrying through the important stages and overlooking the basics may make you regret not having stuck it out earlier. Don’t sabotage someone who has a chance to succeed. You will be struggling with a panorama of emotions.


It’s a new beginning for you this year. You have a great opportunity to start from scratch. You’ll need the right tools and some encouragement but then you’ll be on your way. You will feel much pride in your latest accomplishment.


You have to learn how to live and let live and stop nosing into other people’s affairs. Things will work themselves out. You can’t think that your meddling will improve the situation. Practice not gossiping and removing yourself from the lives of others.

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