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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Your core beliefs ground you. You will know that you can’t trust a potential lover, friend, or co-worker when they try to dismantle your core belief structure. This is how you recognize someone who is trying to control you.


Looking for a ticket out? What seems like a curse turns out to be a true blessing. Doors will open you never thought possible. Good things come in small packages. A twist in a mystery of something valuable being lost causes you to rethink things. Mystery solved yet?


Bonding with an enemy could be just the thing to kick-start a business proposal. Let yourself be pampered as the occasion arises. Your frustration with a certain teacher or administrator continues, but an old friend comes through in a pinch.


It’s a week about letting go of something negative you’ve been holding onto. It is like a heavy stone on your soul, though, and all it will do is slow you down and eventually you won’t get anywhere. Free yourself by talking it out and then forgetting about it.


You are frustrated by what you feel is wounded pride. You wish to be back on top, free of worry and financial burdens. You look to the past for relief but find memories of what might have been better days. People who win things don’t necessarily deserve them. It’s their moment and that is all.


It’s come to the point where you have nothing left to give. You have spent every last ounce of compassion, rage, joy, desire, happiness, sadness – and now all that’s left is a shell. You reach for more and you can just barely touch it. Time will give you a loner reach.


You see that things aren’t always what they seem. You learn to work within the chaos and do the best you can. You struggle to right moral wrongs. You want to see the best things in people brought out. As long as you are there you can protect them.


Don’t believe the rumors you hear. Nothing can really stop you once you make up your mind to do something. You want the best but you can’t really afford the best right now. Moreover you might be stuck with a general feeling of disappointment if you make sacrifices now.


You know the right way and the not-so-right way. Your path has led you thus far out of darkness. You should be proud of how far you’ve come. You’ll figure out what you need once you get rid of the extra stuff cluttering your life and mind. Streamline and downsize.


You are sick and tired of having to hear the same lecture over and over and yet you are unable to loosen yourself from the ties that bind. When you start a new life you must learn to stand on your own two legs. It’s all a learning process but you’re getting smarter about it.


Just when you thought you were through the woods, you find there is a whole other set of woods to make your way through. It won’t take much out of you but you must be focused, determined, and strong. In the end you will be satisfied with the results.


You have been waiting for your new self to emerge so that you can face the world. But your new self is a figment of your imagination. Your old self is you too. Find a way to introduce them to each other, let them learn from one another, and become united within.

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