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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Consider all angles before you close the deal. You will commit before you buy and may have second thoughts. Beware of spies. Chance and hope are still waiting in the wings. It’s a lot easier to see what’s wrong when you step back.


Meting with folks from your past comforts you in tough times. Entertainment can only give so much back. People, relationships, are what matter most. At least you know you are not alone; everyone is having a tough time these days.


Most people prefer things dumbed down. You know that you can make people rise to the occasion by building their confidence, especially the young ones. We are told no so many times we start to believe it as fact. No isn’t really no. It is the beginning of a negotiation.


Don’t take things too seriously right now. Try to make things stretch and not use up resources, either financial or otherwise. You have an admirer lurking in the midst. The time has come to face the truth, come what may. Don’t assume it will be a negative.


Transformations are coming. When someone decides it’s time to change do not be the one to hold them back. Give them room to grow, even if it does bug you. Change is healthy. You are ready to take on a different level professionally.


You can’t stop what’s coming. Times have dramatically changed and not always for the best. Think of an exit strategy in case. The only journey worth taking is the one that’s fun along the way. You might stagnate if you stay in one place too long.


It isn’t wise to get into the pattern of debate this week. Keep antagonism or tension to a minimum. It’s best to try not to make waves but rather keep harmony in the home and in relationships. Give appreciation and loves back to your pets or children.


Technology could be getting the better of you. Your heart has long been yearning to return to the place you’ve always felt happiness. Why not make a play to get back to that? If it works, it’s worth pursuing, even if it changes the status quo.


You get varying responses from those you’ve asked about a particular dilemma. You want others to make the decision for you. Unfortunately, you have to make and live with the decision. Love and devotion are the keys to this week, even though you’ll be focused more on lust.


You have always trusted your instincts. But be careful where you mistake denial for instinct. What you don’t want to happen could be happening right under your nose and you refuse to face it because it will mean accepting something you wish weren’t true.


A lot of work has gone into fixing patterns of behavior and yet you feel yourself rubber-banding back to the same old stuff that has been driving you crazy for years. The key will be learning how to live with what you can’t change.


You are frustrated with the speed with which culture is changing around you and you fear that you can’t quite get a handle on it. We are born and bred to be consumers in Western society. This means that we must cut off our dependence on things if we’re going to find any kind of authentic life.

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