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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


A change in management or a power shift causes you to take on more responsibility than you’re accustomed to. Good and bad with that, of course. But this will be a good thing for your career eventually. Time to grow a thick skin. You’ll need someone to lean on early in the week.


You’re beginning something new. It will have some setbacks at the get go. You are also free. When you commit yourself make sure it satisfied at least two primary needs. Look for your knowledge base. You can flesh out a potentially profitable idea by doing a little research.


It’s time to step back and figure out where the finances are going. Money could come from an unexpected source by Friday or Saturday. Keep one eye on the future and one eye on the past. Indulge your senses this week. Spend some quality time with the one you love.


You have extra time to do fun things. Do not fret the small stuff. Step back from what you’ve been required to do. You may experience a freedom in abandoning your inhibitions both in terms of your personal and professional life. You leave a good impression on someone and it takes you places.


You feel a certain uplift in your self-esteem. You can chart your own confidence by how much praise those who live with you and work with you doll out. It isn’t that you’re addicted to praise but it never hurts to hear the good stuff. You could be held back by someone who wants to be in your position.


Explore new avenues of performance. Look for an audience to share your creative output. Find something new to invest your time in and make sure that everything you do is done with the determination you have approached the most important things in life with. You have an intensity that many respond to and it will carry you far.


Don’t be suckered in to take the blame when a work buddy approaches you to do their bidding. You must stand up for yourself and protect what you’ve built, otherwise you will slide down that slope and never regain ground. By next week, the clouds will part and it will be all sunshine all the time. Wade through the difficult waters with a smile on your face.


You open a new door and a whole new world unfolds before your eyes. Don’t take it for granted that the changes you’ve made in your life are set in stone. When the lightbulb goes off in your head and you see the possibilities, meaning, you listen to that inner voice that has all of those great ideas, you will be ready to move to the next stage in your job or relationship.


A sudden interruption in the daily routine is causing you to reconsider being a leader or a follower. An inspiration takes you by surprise. You feel a pull or a deep longing for something you once had. Serenity is a concept that you’ve known well. Follow your heart and return to it.


Communication slows down this week as you try to work through some old and new problems. You know that the truth continues to poke through and yet it is still hard to embrace. You haven’t figured out how to reach out yet without feeling some obligation. Early in the week you’ll be called upon to defend your identity.


You are coming to an inevitable decision slowly but assuredly. You will begin to see things more realistically. Some of this is just plain wisdom and experience. But another part is what the universe has in store for you, what you’re meant to accomplish in your lifetime. Let the truth in. Do not reject these ideas.


It’s time to refocus your efforts on the home front. You need to fix things up and take care of business before you start pretending you’re someone else. Clean house, organize house, solidify personal relationships, do not get distracted from the task at hand.

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