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Letters to the Editor:

Yesterday I saw my doctor, whose office is on 15th Street across from Santa Monica Hospital. I was unable to park in the metered parking lot on 14th Street and so I parked in the lot behind Bank of America, but did not see their rates, as I wasn’t looking. I was there for two hours and when I left, I handed the attendant a $20.00 bill and asked for a receipt. When he said that the price was $25.00 for two hours and I tried to pay by credit card, I was told they didn’t accept anything but cash. I had to park the car and use the Ready Teller at BofA. I handed him $40 and was informed that he didn’t have change. He lowered the price to $20 and I left. I have lived in the area my entire life and remember Santa Monica as a lovely city, full of friendly people. I live in Westchester, but work here. Over the years I have been falling out of love with this city, and yesterday put the icing on the cake. It is apparent that the city no longer wants anyone here unless they are wealthy. Many of us who are middle class feel that we are no longer welcome. This is the way I feel this morning, never thought it would get to this, but it has.

Carole Austin


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What a disappointment the City Council voted to destroy the living old trees of Santa Monica, like most cities around the world. They should work around them. You think this wouldn’t happen in “green” Santa Monica. I used to love to eat at Nat’s Coffee Shop on 4th, then go outside under the shade of those old trees.

Robyn D

Concerned Santa Monica Resident

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