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St. Martin Students Score:

St. Martin of Tours School scored fourth place of 103 participating schools in the Academic Junior High Decathlon, sponsored by the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The small Catholic elementary school in Brentwood won first place in the Deanery, which includes some surrounding parish schools. Thousands filled the Los Angeles Sports Arena on March 15 to support the decathletes during the day-long competition, comprised of the Logic Quiz, Individual Tests, and the Super Quiz.

The following St. Martin of Tours students won medals in the individual tests:

Jimmy Yao – First Place, Mathematics

Victoria Chayes – Second Place, Religion

Michael Harris – Third Place, Social Studies

Alexandra Reale – Fifth Place, Literature

Faith Bryer-Ash – Seventh Place, Fine Arts

Eighth grade decathletes included Elle Cameron, Adit Gadh, Emily Oetzell, Alexandra Reale, and Jimmy Yao; seventh grade decathletes included Faith Bryer-Ash, Paul Ayoub, Victoria Chayes, Angela Funk, Michael Harris, Christina Lee, Jamie Marvil, and Jack Wegleitner.

Faculty members who coached and supported the students included Cecile Oswald, Principal; Debbie Margulis, Vice Principal and Head Coach; Eddie Ozawa; Anne Conte; Laura Kernan; Sheila Osborne; Judi Elterman; Mary Newsom; Julia Oates-Ulrich; Luke Robertson; Jeanne Newman; Stephanie Roel; and Cady Ogden.

St. Martin of Tours School has participated regularly in the Academic Junior High Decathlon for the past 10 years.

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