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City Council Hosts Annual Boards And Commissions Dinner at Civic:

Members of Santa Monica’s boards and commissions gathered at the Civic Auditorium earlier this month for an annual dinner that honored their service to the City this past year.

The April 1 festivities included reports from each body featuring their recent accomplishments and future goals. Here are the highlights.

Airport Commission

Wants to reopen a museum of flying in the City.

Commission for the Senior Community

Advocating for increased transportation services, enhanced pedestrian safety and accessibility, and more fitness opportunities for seniors.

Architectural Review Board

Would like its “Award of Excellence Program” in place by the end of 2008 and to have more architects design buildings that are in context with the neighborhoods they are being designed for.

Housing Commission

Focusing on building workforce affordable housing as well as housing for those with special needs.

Recreation and Parks Commission

Will host the opening of the City’s first Beach Greening Project on May 18. Also continuing to help plan the rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of 415 PCH, slated to open in 2009.

Santa Monica Convention and Visitors Bureau

The aim is to convert more day visitors into overnight guests so the City can obtain additional tax revenues from hotel and retail expenditures.

Bayside District Corporation

Has created a new marketing program to keep downtown businesses ahead of the competition. Bayside is working on making the downtown Christmas season ice skating rink a yearly event.

Pier Restoration Corporation

The organization is preparing for the Pier’s 100th anniversary celebration.

Planning Commission

Continuing to work on the ongoing update of the Land Use and Circulation Elements of the City’s General Plan. A draft of the plan will be reviewed next month.

Accessibility and Appeals Board

Working on emergency preparedness issues. The City Sustainability Task Force hired a community sustainability liaison, and has a developed a strategy to help the City have a sustainable economy.

Disabilities Commission

Has convinced the City to give sensitivity training to all its employees on how to deal more effectively with those who have disabilities. The training began this month. The Commission is also exploring how to develop a universally accessible playground for children with different types of disabilities.

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