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Artists Revealed, black and white photographs by Kathleen Buckalew, through April 19, SMC Photography Gallery, Drescher Hall, SMC, 1900 Pico Blvd., 310.434.4289.

Don Bachardy, Portraits and Abstractions, Marvin Silver, LA Artists in the 60s, photographs, through May 10, Craig Krull Gallery, Bergamot Station, 310.828.6410.

Backstage: Impressions of Mood, group show, through April 22, Blue 7 Gallery, 3129 Pico Blvd., 310.449.1444.

Amadea Bailey, Gary Komarin, Steven Seinberg, and Sabine Tress, through May 9, Lowe Gallery, 2034 Broadway, 310.449.0184.

The Challenge of Colors, Malibu Art Association juried show, through May 2, Palisades Public Library Gallery 861 Alma Real Dr., PP, 310.454.4903.

Chicano Triumph, exhibit of Chicano artists, through May 10, Patricia Correia Gallery, Bergamot Station, 310.264.1760.

Danger Dogs from Nepal, folk art from the Himalayas, through April 26, Copro Nason Gallery, Bergamot Station, 310.828.2628.

Disassociate: Vanessa Matthews, through June 15, DC3 Gallery, Bergamot Station, 310.829.9856.

A Digital Dream, 2nd Annual Student Juried Photo Exhibit, through April 25, Emeritus College, 1227 2nd St., 310.434.4306.

Tim Ebner, through May 3, Rosamund Felsen Gallery, Bergamot Station, 310.828.1075.

Ned Evans, Recent Work, through May 10, William Turner Gallery, Bergamot Station, 310.453.0909.

Chie Fueki, In the Woods, through April 26, Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Bergamot Station, 310.453.7535.

Hammer Projects: Aaron Morse, through June 12, $3-$5, Hammer Museum, 10899 Wilshire Blvd., WW, 310.443.7000.

Edgar Heap of Birds, Moving with the Storm, through April 26, See Line Gallery, 1812 Berkeley St., 310.829.1727.

The Hope Hygieia: Restoring a Statue’s History, exhibit devoted to the conservation of a statue of the Goddess of Health, through September 8, Getty Villa, 17985 PCH, PP, 310.440.6770.

Adonna Khare, By a Thread, through May 10, Lora Schlesinger Gallery, Bergamot Station, 310.828.4344.

Susie McKay Krieser, Shaping Color, and Patricia Doede Klowden, The Bronze Age, through April 19, TAG Gallery, 2903 Santa Monica Blvd., 310.829.9556.

The Lines Are Drawn, installation by Ricky Sears, through April 25, Tarryn Teresa Gallery, Bergamot Station, 310.453.4752.

Siobhan McClure and Greg Rose, The Garden, through May 10, Lora Schlesinger Gallery, Bergamot Station, 310.828.4344.

The Migrant Project: Contemporary California Farm Workers, photographic exhibit by Rick Nahmias, through April 25, Museum of Tolerance, 9786 Pico Blvd., LA, 310.553.8403.

Ed Moses: Paintings, through April 19, Frank Lloyd Gallery, Bergamot Station, 310.264.3866.

Delilah Montoya: The Trail of Thirst, through May 10, Patricia Correia Gallery, Bergamot Station, 310.264.1760.

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