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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Spend less time judging others and more time being compassionate. Renew your devotion. You are going to be the recipient of good vibes and perhaps a life-altering favor or two. You have a karma card to cash in.


You look for the silver lining in the darkening clouds. You want to make some changes but will be met with some interference. Keep fighting the good fight. Not everyone is going to take to your style of getting things done. But who needs them?


Secrets are going to get you into some trouble if you continue to keep them. The truth and brutal honesty are often better paths towards enlightenment. If you are looking to protect someone’s feelings, that’s not the right way to do it.


Your future looks bright but your past continues to haunt you. What are you holding onto that you can’t let go of? You are torn between repeating the patterns of your past and breaking new ground and becoming someone different.


There are so many options you have that you should never feel even remotely stuck. Just because you think something is important doesn’t mean others will. Just keep your priorities in place and act accordingly. Your instincts haven’t failed you yet.


You will surprise everyone just by letting people underestimate you. If they don’t see what you’re capable of or if you aren’t good at putting your best foot forward it will take people time to notice how great you are. Hang in there.


You get inspiration from an unlikely source. But sooner or later that inspiration is going to make you feel nervous. Just remember, it’s still yours, even though someone gave it to you. You can set the world on fire when you put your mind to it.


The forces are strong and you’re fighting back. You feel a purpose, which is propelling you forward. People like to think they have it all under control, which means you get to play the part of the upstart. But that isn’t going to last forever. When you get your shot, take it.


Time is moving too quickly. Find a way to slow it down by not wasting so much of it. Look for new ways to fill your time with activities that are meaningful and that use your minutes as if each one mattered. Because guess what? Each one does matter.


You aren’t going to solve this problem in the usual way via the usual channels. You have to be innovative and start things off with imaginative tricks. You can make yourself anyone you need to be, even if just for a day.


Don’t stop believing! If you feel your heart sinking and your mind doing the second-guess thing, it’s time to step back and count to 10. It’s not going to work if you can’t figure out how to succeed and how to fail without losing your mind.


One of your problems is the lack of recognition you see from figures of authority. This is a running theme throughout your life that seems to have taken place early in life and haunted you ever since. You have to believe in yourself and your abilities. End of story.

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