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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Fighting the good fight is noble but can take much out of you. In seeking to find the best options for yourself and your inner circle you fear dipping into the crazy zone. Fear not. Your instincts are right on the money.


You must dwell among your tribe in order to get support . Those who speak the same language have a better understanding of what you’re trying to say. You are happily moving on with your life and suddenly not worried about what is getting left behind.


Mixed messages from your significant other has you doubting yourself more than usual. Be strong in your beliefs. To make matters more complicated, someone else has a crush on you, which causes problems in your inner circle.


You know you can follow rules when you want to. Much of the time, you just don’t feel like doing what everyone else has to do. You tend to go your own way. Independent thinking is your best weapon but this week, ease up on the need to differentiate.


You want to spruce things up a bit in your life so you’ve been spending time redoing stuff. You also know that change comes from within. If you aren’t feeling it, the change is meaningless. Reconnect with the self you know best.


People in your life have been acting predictably. You provoke, they take a stand, and before you know it, you’re gridlocked. Try being passive just to see how others respond. You have wasted many years trying to be right all the time. Learn to compromise.


With so many new faces popping up in your life you’ve been doing some soul searching about where you belong and with whom. Are you getting everything you need? What you’re looking for is in your home somewhere. Keep looking for it. It hasn’t been lost forever.


Keeping it lean is what’s required to lift your spirits. If you can’t throw it away, give it away. You are being buried with things you don’t need, remnants from your past. You will not miss these things when they are exited from your life.


The world is so big yet it’s feeling so small lately. Technology brings us closer than we ever were and it’s causing people to feel more comfortable among strangers. It’s becoming a global community. You still need the physical relationships, though.


It’s becoming tense with your close friends or family. You are digging your heels in and alienating those who don’t agree with you. You have stopped listening to others for advice. It is always a matter of pride with you. Dump the pride. It’s a waste of time.


The possibilities have suddenly become endless. What you were holding onto before seems to be vanishing before your eyes. That makes the future wide open. You write the script from here on out and the sky’s the limit.


You will be coming into a good deal of money soon and make sure to use it wisely. You also are going to realize your ambitions eventually and security will no longer be an issue. Happiness and contentment, however, will still be question marks.

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