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Media. Kids Make News: Global Broadcast For Kids:

Global Broadcast for Kids is a brilliant start-up that aims to educate kids on the environment, new technology, books, films, and science with videos that “explore human history and the history of our ever-changing planet.” Its motto is “from one kid to another.”

GB4K has come a long way since it began last year. The brainchild of actor/director (and parent) Scott McGinness, it has a new interface and has expanded its content to Global Broadcast for Teens, Global Science, Global Green 4 Kids, games, and even a jukebox. LAUSD teachers and STAR Education support the site.

McGinnis got the idea for the website when his son asked him to produce a TV show/web channel where kids could learn more about their world and the world around them. His son Sean is one of the main contributors, and his younger son Hayden makes a few appearances as well.

Some of the really good ones are “Big Daddy Green” where a kid’s dad explains renewable energy. Another good one is Sean and his friend Mario explaining the Mars avalanches and a six-legged octopus. They also wander into the subway and do part of their newscast from inside the subway car.

Having kids do the news makes it much more interesting for kids to listen to. The reports are delivered casually by kids who aren’t necessarily trained actors, or the kind generally seen on kids’ TV shows these days. There are more kids’ programs than ever, more television stations devoted to kids’ programming, and more advertising aimed at kids. We are rearing them to be followers, consumers who do not think for themselves and should instead sit and watch.

GB4K may inspire kids to think outside the box, look at their world differently, and perhaps decide that they want to discover more than the corporations are allowing them to see. GB4K is clearly a labor of love, something created simply to make the world a more interesting, educational, and useful place for our growing children.

While news may be moshed with gossip and blogs online, and newspapers are on the way out, kids ought to be kept up to date on news, especially kids who might not live in a big city. The site is called Global Broadcast, which hopefully means it will eventually go international as well.

Even in its beginning stages, the site utilizes the best things about the online world – availability and accessibility of information, broadband for quick playback, and a talented crew of news staffers. This is one site to catch on the way up. Who knows how far it will go and how fast?

You can go to globalbroadcast4kids.com and sign up for the newsletter.

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