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My Imaginary Car:

I have a question for you: Why can’t children design their own cars? Look what I have to offer and I am just 9 years old.

I dream of a limousine and when you get in it… well, wait! Of course, it is for children ONLY!

There is a fun world waiting for every kid. When you clap once it will take you to Disneyland. If you clap twice it will take you to Six Flags Magic Mountain. If you clap three times it will take you to an island of paradise. Aaahhhhhhh – so, so relaxing!

Also, the limousine is 50 feet long and has a pool and a hot tub in it. And a full stocked bar with Cherry Smoothies, chocolates, ice cream – everything! It’s a kid’s DREAM.

Doesn’t that sound great? And – it does not run with fuel. Kids’ imagination fuels the engines and there is plenty available of that so we never have to worry about how to run our cars!

So how come the carmakers ask only the adults for what kind of car they want.

It’s not fair!

I am asking right now if any of you could give me the contact info from all the great automakers in the world. At least they could read my little story about my imaginary dream car and it would be even better if they could design one like it.

Now that would be cool!

Thanks for listening!

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