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A Prescription for Reducing High Drug Costs:

(NAPSI)-Good news for anyone struggling to pay for prescription drugs or even going without necessary medication due to rising drug costs is that he or she may be eligible for Medicare Rx Extra Help.

What It Does

This program assists people with limited incomes in paying the monthly fee and other costs of Medicare prescription drug coverage.

How To Qualify

Many people who receive Medicare are also eligible for Medicare Rx Extra Help but do not even realize it. If you get Medicare, have a limited income, and have limited savings, investments, and real estate, you may be eligible for Medicare Rx Extra Help. You can find out if you or someone you love may qualify for this and other free and low-cost prescription drug programs with the help of AARP Foundation’s Benefits QuickLINK Web site that has free online screening and application tools.

A Helpful Tool

With Benefits QuickLINK, you can:

• Find benefits

• Apply for Medicare Rx Extra Help online

• Fill out applications for other prescription assistance programs.

What People Are Saying

“QuickLINK is a great link for people trying to find out if they qualify for assistance, as well as letting you know the information immediately.”

“This information is so helpful. I’m going to tell the people in my church about Benefits QuickLink so they can use it to help their elderly family members.”

Web Site Specifics

You can check your eligibility and apply for Medicare Rx Extra Help online at

You may be able to save money on your prescriptions.

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