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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Just because others aren’t willing to step over the line doesn’t mean you should back down. It’s important, always, to stand up for what’s right. It is just too easy for some to walk away out of fear or not wanting to be bothered. You shouldn’t have that problem.


As things heat up you’ll start assigning a level of importance to your aches and pains with others. Some will fall away, others will still bother you. As you become wiser and stronger nothing will be able to get you down except the things that matter.


Transition is the name of the game this week as you navigate through some major and minor changes. Do you like dropping everything and moving on? You probably won’t want to let go so easily. Feelings will linger.


It’s never been more true that the grass is always greener. It is always greener, more fertile, with better music and art direction. On your side, nothing ever feels right. Remember, home is wherever you are. The grass really isn’t greener over there.


You feel guilty taking back what’s yours. No matter what situations we find ourselves we only have our own life trajectory in front of us. There are always going to be those with better and worse situations but make sure your own life is secure before you start fixing others’.


Just as the message came in it quickly went out again. You have to be a royal pain in order to get what you need. For your part, stay on top of things. Don’t carelessly believe others will fix the problem. Only you can fix it. You’ve got lovesickness on the brain this week.


In trying to get back what has been taken from you, new lows have been reached. At some point you just have to let things be, accept people as they are and move on. You can demand nor expect perfection in them. They are as they are.


A gift becomes an obligation. Something lost becomes something found and treasured. Time gets away from you when you’re with that certain someone and you forget all other responsibilities. For now things are splendid.


This is a week about revisiting the past. If you feel yourself going just a little bit crazy you are not alone. You get a glimpse of someone who is now where you once were. You wish you’d had the courage to take action back then.


You are letting your anger get the better of you and not only that you are not willing to forgive as easily as you once were. What to do with all of this bluster? Find better forms of entertainment. Partly you are just overworked and beleaguered.


You can’t expect others to step up to the plate just because you are doing so. Sometimes we have to stand alone. You will lead by example. Others will quickly follow in your footsteps. Maybe nothing will ever get done but at least there will be some record of things.


You sometimes feel like you’re losing your mind. Your bravery seems to ebb and flow. Sometimes you feel you’re in the right and other times you’re marred by self-doubt. You can’t know how difficult it could be. Appreciate all that you can do right here, right now.

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