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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


It’s so yesterday. You’ve been repeating the same steps without going anywhere. Perfection is not a worthy goal. Reach for the stars and make no excuses. Happiness is within reach. Don’t worry too much about having broader horizons.


It’s the moment when you will discover things you never knew about yourself, like how you react when someone is direct with you. Have you been counting too much on people lying to protect your feelings? Now is the time it all becomes exposed, but in a good way. Everything happens for a reason.


You are gaining in stature among your peers. You will find the secret to unending happiness is in appreciating what you have right now. Don’t fret what you don’t yet have or can’t get. Just remember to not what you haven’t got. It’s the secret.


You feel grateful to one person for greatly contributing to your life. Others have stepped in and been kind and inspirational but there is one who hasn’t yet been acknowledged by you and who deserves to be. The best things are yet to come.


You feel trapped and there’s no way out sometimes. Other times you are free as a bird. It’s been a hard road, a costly road and a bumpy road at times. Mostly you’ve come through better and stronger. Lick your wounds, though. Don’t ignore them.


You have to learn to let go when it’s time to hold on tight. Some thing must be fought for, especially if you’re not the only person who wants it, or him or her. Your logic overrides your emotions this time and you’ve made your point.


A journey is in the works. Leave behind the emotional baggage that has been causing you to act childish at times. Your judgment has been clouded by momentary hysteria. Don’t worry, it too will pass. Success is a state of mind after an exacting choice.


You are having trouble letting go of a certain memory, one that was so intense that nothing else has lived up to it since then. It should fade in time. Impatience will get you in trouble when you start shouting without having all of the pertinent info.


Dark clouds roll in and roll out equally. At first you think the sky has completely cleared only to discover that moods are as unpredictable as the weather. What will get you jumpstarted is a new diet and exercise regimen. A miracle cure.


Your anger continues to frustrate you as you go about daily tasks. While it seems as though all is under control, the usual chaos persists. Take it one day at a time. You’ll have good ones and bad ones. Don’t take anything too personally.


Watch your words carefully this week. Be ready to defend yourself against naysayers. Stand up for principles and fight those who are doing you wrong. There is kindness in those good intentions, even if they have been frustrating.


You take things too seriously. Getting physical is a good way to blow off steam. You can’t predict the future and gambling big on what might happen could be a bad roll of the dice. Use logic rather than passion to decide something so serious.

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