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Ferris Wheel Farewell

May 4

Don’t worry, Ferris wheel fans. Santa Monica will always have a Ferris wheel, as an all-new state-of-the-art wheel is arriving on May 22. But the old wheel, a familiar sight for 12 years, seen in movies and on TV shows, will be spinning for the last time on Sunday, May 4 – and all rides that day will be free, with one dollar per rider being donated by the City to SPCA/LA. The pioneering solar-powered wheel sold on eBay for $132,400 to Grant Humphreys in Oklahoma City, so be sure to get in one last ride before it leaves town forever. Complete an entry form and you might be the one who takes the last ride. 11am-9pm, free, Santa Monica Pier, 310.260.8744.

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