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Star Gazing:


Give instructions carefully as miscommunication will be at an all-time high this week. You may feel like you are just a few steps behind everyone else. Anger is also an issue. Be kind and show manners, even when you don’t have to.


Read everything before signing. Small print will include bits of information that are essential to making sure all is kosher. You have to look out for yourself these days, even if it makes you feel like you’re being selfish. Sometimes that’s the only healthy way to go.


You get inspiration suddenly and are then on a roll. This spark will carry you through a normally slow period and good things will come out of it. Your best you comes in small moments not in grand gestures. Stay fit in the heart and the body will follow.


Keep yourself off the beaten track. Being brave and taking on what others are more hesitant about will be a good path for you. Uniqueness is what you’re all about these days. Focus is on health and inner wellness. Your soul craves enlightenment.


You help someone out to be a nice person but then find you regret everything later. Someone is always there to clean up the mess, even when you think all hope is lost. The best thing you can do is distract yourself when thoughts starts to take a sad and sadder turn.


The best laid plans are often put on the backburner because life gets in the way. You will be getting a taste of that this week as the truth erupts in a bunch of awkward facts. You can only hide this kind of thing for so long before things go awry.


Become more familiar with the rhythm of your life. Chaos begets chaos. If you know what is coming in and what is going out you can better measure how to approach each paycheck in. Balance is the theme in all areas – fitness and pleasure, outer and inner.


The best way to get started is just to start. If you ruminate too long on something you’re going to find ten reasons to talk yourself out of it. Just be sure to always be safe and know where you’re going – and don’t bite off more than you can chew.


In the beginning it was just you and someone else. Now there is you, someone else and a whole bunch of other people. Our lives are our relationships and often we don’t know how to adjust to new people, especially those who seem untrustworthy. But you are lucky enough to attract good ones.


It may surprise you to learn that you aren’t the only person going through what you’re going through. There are others who have been there, done that and lived to tell about it. Seek them out so that you don’t feel so alone in how you conduct your daily routine.


The time has come to make a dramatic move. You are at a plateau right now and can’t get ahead. The gradual thing isn’t going to make it happen for you either. You will have to hold your breath and take a leap of faith.


Life is struggle. If all of the easy things are taken care of then the bigger things suddenly present themselves. Learn to see where your value to society is. It isn’t just decoration – there is something to you and you have much to teach, and much to learn.

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