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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


You must learn to give up the ghost. Forcing things will only create tension that no one needs at all this week. Just lay back, be cool and let the chips fall where they may. When that voice comes back at you with a protestation just quiet it down. Say shhhhh.


It is a time for things to come to fruition. You have turned a major corner without even knowing it. After laying the ground work and tilling the soil, the seeds were haphazardly planted but now the fruit is coming and only part of it is due to your labor.


It is a time for change, a time for some serious payback for all of the investment on your part. There is some strife and all is not perfect, but nonetheless, the pendulum is swinging back in your direction and good things will start happening.


Peaceful surroundings, joyful laughter, inspiration, obligation-free giving, harmonious heart – to give is to get back tenfold. An obsessive is bound to feel some disappointment at the end of a journey. The struggling part, the getting there – that’s what it’s all about.


Another chapter in your life has revealed itself. Turn a page, write it down, analyze it, learn from it, make it an accessible story to others and it becomes a valuable memory. Do not think that only happy ones are worthy of being there.


The straight truth, that’s what it’s all about. It might hurt a bit, especially with paper work and mindless details but do not pretend that the truth isn’t the truth. All must be willing to face it before anyone can move on. Rose-colored glasses should not be needed.


A blast from the past has you contemplating the present. Where has it all gotten you and how uncomfortable has it been? Faces and people drift back in and suddenly what was once dead and buried is now vital and alive. It’s funny how some passions never truly die.


Some things are difficult to forget and overcome. Even though it’s harder to forgive than to hate the only way to really get over it is not to hate anymore. Hate is a passion that can consume you. It is too much of you to be wasted. Turn it around.


What goes up stays up or else it comes crashing down. Enjoy what makes you go up and stay up but understand that, sooner or later, things have to come back down. You can control how fast, however. Monitor the speed and know what’s coming.


How can things go the way they go without anyone stopping it? Because that’s the way things are: everyone is afraid to act for fear of looking foolish or fear of being wrong. Have faith in your judgment. You are on the right side.


It’s high time to replace things, maybe people. You can feel it in your bones when something doesn’t fit anymore. That’s when you just quietly, but forcefully, move on. It doesn’t have to be dramatic but it should be final.


Things sometimes occur to you too late. You just need to catch up with yourself. Take time before your emotions get the better of you. Breathe, think, be in yourself and then make a move. It will be a better one. Haste is your worst enemy, always has been.

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