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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Be careful of promises made by people who aren’t trustworthy to begin with. Your compassionate heart makes you inclined to trust. Be more considerate with it. Be choosy and make your decisions partly by gut reaction and partly by evidence. What you see is often what you get.


We have to learn how unfair life can be again and again. You’d think we would have found a way to evolve around the feeling of hurt when life tosses us a bone. But we remain hopeful and we fight. When our heart hurts, though, this is the time to back away for a while and let things settle. Then come back with all you got.


You have been living in a dream world and it’s time to wake up to reality. What can you do but take interim measures to secure a better life for yourself. You’re not known for being a dreamer but underneath it all you do dream and have been dreaming for some time now. Don’t worry; dreaming is free.


It’s time to make a major move. You have to start thinking like a chess player. How do you think like a chess player? You predict what your opponent might do and you plan ahead. You also practice your poker face. Past deeds may come back to haunt you.


What kind of message have you been sending to those who most admire you? You must think about how you’re coming off and not always think about what you want right now. It’s very difficult to have perspective right now. So much is going on and so little of it is truly relevant.


Someone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart has sullied the year. You will go toe to toe with the best and the worst of them. You can hold your own, especially when backed into a corner. This is a time to have an iron will and to be fierce with your convictions.


It is never going to be the best piece of pie you’ve ever tasted until you decide it’s the best. You don’t have to choose right; you can choose wrong and still choose the best. Our choices are what we make of them. Do not dwell in regrets. It will make you much more sad in the long run.


You have a good strategy for hiding your feelings. You have a rational mind that helps you to manage yourself so that your feelings don’t take over but lately, the body is interrupting rational thought and it’s just gone all wacky. Relief comes mid-week.


There are monsters among us, this much we know. Monsters don’t know they are monsters; they merely exist come what may. How can you recognize a monster from a regular person? Somewhere inside you know. You can’t explain it but you know.


You made a decision and it’s wreaked havoc on your life but only temporarily. It could get so much worse. It could get better but it’s most certainly going to be a challenge. You have to be up for it and that means get yourself healthy. Eat right, exercise, be on your game.


All good things come to an end. And in their wake are only our memories. Places themselves gather dust and old newspapers – the ground barely remembers that we once walked there. And they look so small when you revisit them. You are hereby on notice to find new ground.


Nothing has been harder for you than getting through this past year. It’s been ups and downs and hard as hell but somehow you’ve survived without landing in jail. Keep up the good work. Honor your responsibilities and put your desires on the backburner. It won’t be for long.

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