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Horoscopes: Laura Wilde, Mirror Contributing Writer


Be happy that life has been good lately and the gods have decided to be generous. There are great things in store, believe it or not and the fireworks have only just begun. The rainbow on the horizon is that someone finally reveals an important secret.


A big choice you’ll have to make forces you to bridge an old relationship gap. The good news is you’ll get the help you need. The bad news is you may have to eat some crow. There are always going to be people who have it better. But trust me, it only looks that way.


Your spiritual generosity gives you some leverage to ask for a favor back from someone who has something or can offer something useful. Keep track of small things. You might find you lose something you really need.


You have a limited amount of time to make things happen. Don’t dance around the truth. In all matters, don’t take the easy way out. The painful lessons will result in strength of heart and body. Don’t worry too much. All of the lovely things will fall into place.


If you worry too much you will never be able to see the light of day. You really shouldn’t put so many obstacles in your own way. This isn’t going to be good for the long haul. You will have clarification of vision when it comes to a painful loss in your past.


The desire is becoming stronger. There is a sense that you can’t control yourself against this urge. The truth is that you want what you want and forget the consequences. You really can control it, however. It will not be fun but it is something you can do.


Get advice on a professional matter you’re contemplating. It’s a time for renewal, though, and some things and people in your life are about to get the boot. Letting things go is the path to serenity for you.


Stretch and grow, seek and embrace, find and discover, live and love. Time is short. You must realize that it is all passing much too quickly. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Getting upset or worrying over every little thing distracts you from the bigger picture.


You might be too nervous to find out where you stand but you must find out. Knowledge is power. No matter how depressing it could be the truth is the bridge over the sea of confusion. Make the call and put your cards on the line.


You are surprised to find that you are actually good at a great many things. While you have been told that you can’t do anything, in fact, you are the most capable of your close circle of friends. How useful you are can carry you through some of life’s hardest events.


The impossible is a concept. There is always a work-around. You have a brilliant plan. It might not work out exactly as you wanted it to but it will be close enough. It’s time to settle bets. Beauty is all around you.


You have been a low ebb lately. This is not good. You need something to feel good about. You do not do well when life is joyless. Physical activity is also vital to keeping the mood lifted. When you just sit for long periods of time it will make you go to that dark place.

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